Some Tips to Consider for Wedding Entertainment


Wedding entertainment in Singapore is offered by many event organizers. This should be since entertainment is a crucial aspect of any wedding reception. Gone are those days when speeches and dancing were the only ways to get entertained during this special day. Today there’s music and singing for instance that can help make the guests enjoy the occasion and give the occasion the right ambience.

But you have to carefully consider the kind of entertainment that you like and your guests too for your wedding. The following are some criteria you can consider in choosing the best entertainment to have on your wedding day:

The theme and style of the wedding

Your wedding can be a truly formal affair or it can be the extreme opposite; it can be casual and informal. You can have it your way but you have to make sure that the music you play suits it. Classical music won’t go well with a garden or beach wedding.

Punk music won’t make a good background music for your formal wedding reception.

The guests’ ages

In majority of the weddings, the ages of the guests vary; there may be some kids, some elderly aunts and grannies, a few teen-agers, etc. It can be difficult to choose the entertainment that will suit all ages. But with music you can play different varieties so that all the guests would be happy at least for a while. You may also go for the DJ who has a wide variety of musical options in his repertoire. Always remember that everyone would love music that he or she has grown up with.

Your own preference

This is your special day so don’t forget the music that you truly like. For sure, you would want to please all the guests; but it is your most memorable day too so don’t sacrifice your own happiness for all the guests. It is alright to listen to other people’s advice regarding your wedding entertainment but in the end the choice should be your own.

The budget

Whether it’s a band, a solo artist, or a DJ, your wedding entertainment depends primarily on the budget you set for it.

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