TNS Asia Pacific brings top quality industrial networking and computing equipment in Singapore


TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a company that specializes in providing industrial networking and computing solutions in Singapore since 2002. There is no other place where you can find top quality equipment, as well as excellent services and support which will suit your needs.

TNS Asia Pacific is a B2B distributor of industrial networking and computing equipment in the island. It is their goal to provide customers with top quality products designed for mission critical applications. They particularly specialize in fields like industrial Ethernet, wireless, serial communications, fieldbus, industrial computing, remote I/O, and video surveillance technologies. It is their mandate to give their clients only excellent products and services.

The company offers a wide range of products, from the newest technologies needed for industrial Ethernet to serial connectivity.

TNS is a supplier of industrial network communications. They offer industrial Ethernet products which provide seamless wired and wireless connectivity with up to 10 GbE edge-to-core capability and fast self-healing redundancy in order to implement automation network convergence. They offer products such as Industrial PoE Switches, Un-managed and Managed Ethernet Switches, Modbus TCP, Ethernet to Fiber Converters, and more.

They also offer a variety of serial converters. TNS covers everything from industrial-grade serial RS232/422/485, usb, and or fieldbus connectivity; serial to usb or serial to ethernet. They offer Multiple Serial Boards, as well as profibus converters. They also have remote automation and video surveillance products, like IP cameras and Fiber Optic Video Transmission. TNS also provides a variety of applications and accessories, such as mounting kits and cables. Lastly, TNS also provides local customization and assembly of computer systems, be it Panel PC or embedded computer. They even offer touch panel solutions to their clients in Singapore.

TNS ensures to give you only the best products and services in the island. Their sales engineers and technical support teams undergo regular training with technology experts from Moxa, Axiomtek, Sena and OT Systems, so that they will be able to have strong technical expertise which will help support customers when it comes to the design of legacy and modern systems. TNS Asia Pacific is a company that believes in the importance of establishing relationships with their clientele as well as with their business partners. Thus they are committed to strengthening their operational excellence in providing great services and customer support. When it comes to providing top quality industrial networking and computing solutions, TNS Asia Pacific is the one that all customers in Singapore could always count on.

About TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a company that provides top-of-the-line industrial networking and computing equipment in Singapore. They have become one of the most trusted companies in Singapore when it comes to providing products, from embedded computers to video surveillance products, plus they have a team of sales engineers and technical support that have trained from companies such as Moxa and Axiomtek.

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