TNS Asia Pacific Lets You Stay Fully Interconnected


As a business owner, you’ll always need to be on the lookout for the most efficient equipment to handle your data and ensure your premises are secure. This is where TNS Asia provides the materials you’ll need. They have Ethernet Switches, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation and much more. Let’s know further about their features and see how they can fit your requirements today.

Invest in Ethernet Switches for fast and easy configuration

Are you having a massive data migration? Or perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading the operating systems of your network. One of the most efficient ways to align all your computers and start them up in the fastest way possible would be through Industrial Ethernet Switches. A managed Ethernet switch system is just what you need and TNS can make this possible.

Customized Systems do come in handy

Embedded Computing Systems are helpful whether your business is based in the marine, railway or any other type of industry which needs some heavy duty information processing. These will be quite handy during your daily operations, especially when you’re required to process and store some heavy-duty information at the same time.

Are you looking for an embedded computer in Singapore? Then you’ll need sets of processors, storing facilities and an interface where you can read about the updates of your operational activities. This set up should also be perfect when you’re in the banking, remote site management, telecom and access control.

TNS offers connectivity with its Terminal Servers

It is necessary for your gathered information to arrive, whenever they’re needed. Flexibility with modes would also be a must especially when you’re using different formats facilities. These various models include TCP Client and Server, Real COM, Ethernet Modem, Reverse Terminal and Dial In/Out. This should importantly include remote automation for the utmost flexibility.

RTU Modular Controllers allow in monitoring your information exchange

Remote monitoring is quite crucial, especially when you are far reaching data centers and you’ll need to constantly route your information warehouse. These should require sets of Communication Modules with IO Module functionalities. It’s much safer to install pieces of equipment which can flexibly adjust in rugged environments. TNS carries the brand Moxa Singapore, which is usually known to have various functions with durable materials. See how these units would be customizable for your needs.

Prioritize your equipment’s security with Surveillance Cameras

Industrial IP Cameras are just what you’ll need to ensure your equipment would stay secure. Crucial areas of your warehouse, data center and office will need to be monitored. Thankfully, there are three-way cameras which allow for crisp data exchange in the lowest bandwidth possible. There many kinds of video surveillance materials which you can choose from. These include day-and-night Vandal-Proof Dome HD IP cameras, Box Type units and outdoor equipment among others.


About TNS Asia Pacific

TNS is a Singapore-based B2B supplier of industrial and computing network systems. The top brands they carry include Axiomtek, Sena, OT Systems, and Moxa in Singapore. These should fit various industries from banking, marine, telecommunications and many others. The company also aims to provide high quality, customized services, and after-sale work. For more information regarding Moxa, visit today.

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