TNS offers serial converters for computer needs


TNS, a recognized supplier in Singapore for industrial computing and network communications equipment, releases line of products for serial converters for different ports and other computer needs. Manufactured by Moxa, the industrial and commercial grade serial converters or repeaters which works with the scheme of plug and play. Features such as optical isolation protection and models with serial port powered are available.

TNS offers assistance to the wide variety of applications and other peripheral programs that make use of serial communication. A broad line of serial converters are readily available in the company which are manufactured by the known brands in Singapore for such products. These are means of electronic communication that are used for two electronic equipment used in wide range of computer particularly for automation. These devices also works in the spaces occupied by commercial and industrial applications.

Serial converters offered by TNS has paved the way for improved, fast, and useful operations not only in data acquisition but in other functions such as program installation and connect common devices to a network.

Reaching its expertise in providing products and supplies in the business for over 20 diverse applications, TNS provides for easy and convenient data transfer and connectivity with its serial converters. It is the part of the 5,000 industrial products portfolio offer by the company in Singapore and across the Asia-pacific region. Hence, paving the way towards a seamless connection of devices to the central network.

Some of the them offered are serial to serial converters, serial to fiber converters, serial to Bluetooth, industrial fieldbus, and Serial surge protection. A wide range of wired and wireless communication protocols including MV/LV BPL, NPLC, Industrial Bluetooth, ZigBee, 3G, WIFi, Ethernet, fiber, serial, Mesh-RF, and WAN.

Several sectors now has multiple options in acquiring competent performances with the lines of products which are manufactured from the trusted brands such as axiomtek and moxa. The company also offers different products for industrial Ethernet, serial connectivity, industrial computer, remote automation, video surveillance, and other accessories such as network accessories, power accessories, cables and mounting kits.

Henceforth, it is a company established in providing advanced computer products to support wired and wireless connections to support the diverse ecological functions in the society. The seemingly countless problems for such technological advancements which led TNS to the diverse methods or application.

About the company:

Established since 2002, TNS is a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment to over 10,000 engineers located across the Asia-Pacific region. Offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products, and with a management team of over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, the TNS team is richly experienced with in-depth knowledge about industrial info-communications equipment and its associated applications across major industries. Their sales and technical support teams are committed and kept abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies through constant knowledge updates and training. To find out more, visit:

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