TNS’ products and services merged into a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment across Asia-pacific


TNS, a recognized supplier in Singapore for industrial computing and network communications equipment, offers and merges its broad line of products and services to become a one-stop supplier across the Asia-pacific region.

There are over 7 product and service categories that the company has devised and innovated for over 10 years in the industry. Each has its own distinct and useful functions and solutions to address the needs, problems, and demands of the clients and customers. It also caters well known and trusted brands and manufacturers such as axiomtek and moxain Singapore.

From industrial Ethernet products to the different accessories needed are available in the list of products in store. TNS has become an industrial Ethernet gateway which provides “intelligent gateways to seamlessly connect devices to a central network.” As the company says. Thus, a one-stop supplier providing ways for customers to enjoy flawless connection of devices to the central network or source, a convenient and easier source for such service performance.

Key categories of products offered:

Industrial Ethernet

TNS Industrial Ethernet products provide seamless wired and wireless connectivity with up to 10 GbE edge-to-core capability and fast self-healing redundancy to implement automation network convergence.

 Industrial Ethernet Switches
 Industrial Wireless
 Industrial Secure Routers
 Industrial Fieldbus
 Media Converters

Serial Connectivity

Serial connectivity Solutions

 Industrial USB
 Serial Media Converters
 Multiport Serial Boards
 Serial Device Server

Industrial Computer

TNS offers local customisation and assembly of computer systems. With a low minimum order requirements, customers have the flexibility to design and customise industrial computer systems to match the application’s requirements.

 Embedded Computing
 Touch Panel Solution
 Industrial PC

Remote Automation

Industrial RTU Controllers for rugged monitoring solutions

 Modular RTU Controllers
 Micro RTU Controllers
 Ethernet Remote I/O
 Serial Remote I/O

Video Surveillance

Industrial IP surveillance that delivers safety and security

 Industrial IP Cameras
 Industrial Network Video Recorder
 Cables
 Power Accessories
 Mounting Kits
 Network Accessories

TNS, for over 10 years, have gained a portfolio that has more than 5,000 industrial products providing solutions and addressing a queue of upgrade keys for enhanced and improve industrial performance.

The company has indeed established the value high quality service to enforce its relationship with customers and business partners. The amassed efforts of the professional team behind TNS has created the long standing operational excellence and timely aftersales support of the company.

About TNS:
Established since 2002, TNS is a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment to over 10,000 engineers located across the Asia-Pacific region. Offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products, and with a management team of over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, the TNS team is richly experienced with in-depth knowledge about industrial info-communications equipment and its associated applications across major industries. Our sales and technical support teams are committed and kept abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies through constant knowledge updates and training. To find out more, visit:

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