TNS has Your Serial Connectivity Must-Haves


USB hubs at TNSAs Singapore’s leading B2B distributor of computing and industrial networking equipment, TNS brings you a complete array of Serial Connectivity units. They’re innovative as you can choose among selections of serial-to-fiber, serial-to-Ethernet and industrial USB products. If you’d like to consider high quality brands, you may also pick among the units of Axiomtek and Moxa in Singapore.


For your Serial Connectivity needs, you may check out the Serial Device Server, Serial Media Converters, Serial to Fieldbus, Industrial USB Converters and Multiport Serial Boards of TNS today.

Connect various types of devices with a Serial Device Server

TNS has a couple of Terminal Servers, External Device Servers and Wireless Device Servers to fit your interconnectivity needs. They’re also made to be reliable and secure. Be sure to pick among a variety of operation modes from Ethernet Modems, Terminals, Reverse Terminals, TCP Clients and so much more. A serial to Ethernet option is ideal especially when you’d like an easy and simple way of connecting your computer, router and other devices.


Being a leading online seller, TNS also has External Device Servers which can be accessed via a web based interface. This should make it much easier for you to change the features and configurations of your information sharing network.


Consider a couple of Terminal Servers

You’ll need to establish security, when it comes to considering the reliability of terminal servers. Since a lot of other computers and other interface will be connected to it, you must also consider an item which can be connected and operated in various modes. These include Pair Connection, Terminal, Reverse Terminal, Real COM, TCP Server and Client, access control and so much more. TNS also carries Terminal Servers which come in various numbers of ports such as 8 and 16-port units.


Have an Industrial Fieldbus to flexibly connect all your devices

It’s great how TNS can provide units which can enable connectivity among various devices. If you’d like to integrate serial RS232/422/485 devices towards Modbus TCP/IP with Moxa in Singapore, then you can do so. TNS has various gateways which can also allow for safe and secure profibus to fiber conversion. These can certainly function for various operations, depending on what your system will exactly need.


Enhance the speed of your performance with Serial to USB Connectors

TNS also carries a bunch of USB connectors which can be used for different types of Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux and Android. These have high-end performance features, and you may certainly ask about how a unit can fit your operational needs.


About TNS

As Singapore’s leading distributor of industrial networking and computing equipment, TNS provides supplies fitting for crucial and critical types of applications. It has a line of Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance and other connecting accessories fit for your project.

To know more about the products and after sales services they have, you may visit their website at Ask more about the applications to fit your set up today.

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