TNS Has Your Top Serial Connectivity Essentials



Have an interconnected flow of information with the top tier products of TNS. As Singapore’s major industrial networking and computing supplier, you’ll find various equipment selections which range from Serial Device Servers, Serial Media Converters, Serialto Fieldbus, Industrial USB Converters and Multiport Serial Boards. Serial to Ethernet connectors should also come in handy to ensure you’ll be transferring your information at the most efficient ways possible.


Did you know TNS is in partnership with the world’s top interconnectivity manufacturers? Some of the brands they carry include Axiomtek and Moxa in Singapore. Here are some sets of additional information which you consider when it comes to your serial connectivity options:


Serial Device Servers


TNS carries a line of serial device servers which enable devices to be easily accessible via a network. These may then be viewed, monitored and controlled from a location far or even via the Internet. You can even opt to configure the items so they may be adjusted depending on your information management preferences. You can opt to invest in Terminal Servers, External Device Servers and Wireless Device Servers.


Serial Media Converters


To support two-way communication protocols, TNS has an array of items which can be connected with wireless and wired set ups. To ensure a seamless flow of information, TNS also carries Serial to Serial Converters which are available in plug and play features. You can quickly connect your spare parts without having to make drastic changes to your software and hardware.


Check through your Industrial Fieldbus options


With the use of Fieldbus devices, you can integrate various types of devices so they will be more manageable. When it comes to picking an Industrial Fieldbus, Moxa would be one of the top brands which you can consider. Among the products which TNS carries are the Ethernet/IP Gateway MGate, Fieldbus Boards, Converters, Fieldbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway and so much more.

Aim for connectivity with Industrial USBs


The serial USB units from TNS are compatible to operate with major operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android. They’re high speed with 2.0 operationat 480 Mbps. Some of their additional features include advanced andhigh quality, serial performance along with COM port mapping.


When it comes to choosing Industrial USBs, TNS also carries USB to Serial Converters, USB Hubs and Bluetooth USB Adapters. It would also be advisable for you to consider serial to USB connectors, towards having a more seamless and durable communication set up.


About TNS


Known as Singapore’s leading distributor of industrial computing and networking equipment, TNS is a reliable supplier for crucial and critical installation missions. Some of the top brands they carry are Axiomtek, Sena, OTS and Moxa in Singapore among others. They carry categories of equipment ranging from Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance and accessories.


To know which items should fit your project’s networking and computing needs, you may visit their site at Consult with their representatives today for details.

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