TNS, a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment to over 10,000 engineers located across the Asia-Pacific region is offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products. The products of TNS range from industrial Ethernet, serial connectivity, industrial computer, remote automation, video surveillance and accessories all for different applications and purposes which are highly needed for different industrial and technological needs of various companies.

Among these applications is that for building automation and security. In light of this need, it offers its High Stakes Networking For Safety which is consist of High Roller Ferris Wheel operating with 28 spherical cabins on the rim of its 550ft wheel in the harsh desert environment of Las Vegas, USA. TNS also offers its service for installation of IP Surveillance System for a Stadium. In view of this, they install a well-known NVR software vender in the worldwide automation industry always in demand and wanted in building an IP surveillance system for a stadium.

As with the setting up surveillance cameras especially for enterprises and establishments, TNS has on its list the IP CCTV Solutions for Enterprises. Large and small enterprises alike need to know the status of their operation and real-time visualization of factory and warehouses that is why it is highly important for each establishment to take advantage of this technological system as to safeguard their business. They also install IP Video Surveillance for Wayside Environment.

TNS also specializes in the installation of Automatic Power Meter Reading for centralized power, monitoring and building automation, and Factory Automation through Network Enabling CNC Machines.

As with the application for InfoComm and IT, TNS concentrates on installation of Telecommunication Remote Control Main. Large and small enterprises also need to know the status of their operation and be able to see what’s happening in their factories and warehouses thus the need for this technological system.

With the popularity if KIOSK, POS and ATM the company of TNS also worked out in delivering for the needs of companies who likewise want to engage their business in such methods. IN fact, they offer installation of Self Service Kiosk, a kiosk that is a self-service terminal which integrates hardware and software to create an interactive environment. They also have services for installation of Bluetooth Connectivity to Payment Terminal, because they saw that Bluetooth technology is one of the fastest growing wireless solutions in the world nowadays and is highly popular among many, almost all technologically knowledgeable people of different ages.

TNS goes beyond the scope of land, as they also provide solutions to different needs for Marine, such as the Marine Dynamic Positioning System and Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS) which are critical tools for maintaining the position of deep well drilling rigs on the open sea. They also specialize in the installation of Oil Spill Detection System which uses Marine Computers for Oil Spill Detection System.

The company values the advantages of technology not only for commercial and industrial needs but of course, for medical and health care. In fact, they are engaged in establishment of Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories in which they help in connecting equipment therein. They likewise offer services for the installation of eHealthcare which is a point-of-care panel PC for hospitals and bedside entertainment systems. TNS also offers services for the setting up of Hospital Information System.

Monitoring and Control System is one of the services on which TNS works with. The company is on the service of providing Street Light Control System in which they help in the Cellular Control of Public Street Light Control System. They likewise install Fire Alarm System using peer-to-peer IO.

For the field of business in oil and gas, TNS provides services for Gas Pipeline Tunnel Monitoring Remote and Gas Pipeline Tunnel Temperature Monitoring System. As with the power and utilities, TNS installs Automatic Power Meter Reading for centralized power monitoring and building automation.

Of course, TNS is also hands on with the services for transportation. IN fact, they provide installation services of Intelligent Traffic Management System, Ventilation Control in tunnels and IP Video Surveillance for wayside environment. Interested customers simply need to contact TNS for free technical consultation on their computer systems customization services. Note though that all these products and services are available by request of clients.

TNS is a highly reliable name when it comes to being a provider for every industrial solution needs. Aside from its wide range of quality products and services, it also has a management team of over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. That is why the TNS team is richly experienced with in-depth knowledge about industrial info-communications equipment and its associated applications across major industries. The company’s sales and technical support teams are committed and kept abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies through constant knowledge updates and training.

Essentially, TNS values the relationships with their customers and business partners of whom they rely greatly for their success over the past 10 years. TNS strives to continue its strong focus on operational excellence and teamwork in ensuring excellent service and timely after sales support.

TNS is a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment to over 10,000 engineers located across the Asia-Pacific region is offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products. For more information, visit:

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