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Among Singapore’s top Economics Tuition establishments, Economic Café maintains to be the most well-trusted among students. The school goes beyond merely placing a line-up of Economic terms for memorization. The institution makes sure each topic will be thoroughly discussed with their corresponding values which will be relevant to students. Here are a couple of methodologies which you’ll most likely be taking up at Economics Café:

Understanding Economics and seeing the subject as a journey

Economics is more than a subject and Economic Café’s professors will make sure students will appreciate and see the values which go with its concepts. The learning journey of every enrollee matters, which is why each Economics Tutor will only see high grades as effects of the students’ deep appreciation and understanding of the subject.

Increased focus on the students’ learning needs

Each student will have a learning curve and style when it comes to tackling the topics related to Economics. This is why Economics Café keeps a close eye on how the students are so far learning from the topics being discussed in class. With the professors’ years of teaching experience, they’ve already been exposed to various kinds of learners. Their exposure should enable them to be more adept in addressing each student’s needs.

Meaningful learning methods

Beyond rote memorization, students will be given the values related to each concept. Basing their methods to the Cognitive Theory of Learning, Economic Café’s instructors will ensure students will have long-term appreciation of the subject.

This means they go deep into a person’s learning process, while syncing the teaching techniques which should enable students to fully grasp various and important concepts. The learning methods should also enable students to integrate a whole complexity of concepts into a whole system, so knowledge about Economics will simply be automatic.

Relating topics to the news

Economics Café also has sessions where news articles will be discussed and connected to their related concepts. These sessions should enable to students to stay updated with the different news items which are relevant to various industries.

As an A Level Economics Tuition provider, Economics Café may even train students towards becoming more adept with trends and forecast the upcoming events of various industries. Students will then be trained towards taking the next steps to secure a sample company’s position in its industry.

Writing and discussion exercises

To further test a learner’s proficiency in Economics, several other exercises are conducted by Economics Café. Questions will be asked to ensure students will make the most of the concepts they’re learning.

About Economics Café

As a top provider of Econs Tuition in Singapore, Economics Café provides various methodologies for students to increase their percentile in school and eventually gather the analytical skills they’ll need to grasp Economics concepts. Headed by Principal Tutor Mr. Edmund Quek, the school will ensure its students will have a thorough understanding of the subject. For more information about Economics Café, visit their site at

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