Top Lessons of an A Level Economics Tuition


Are you looking to ace your Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination? Then it would be advisable for you to take an A Level Economics tuition. Some of the centres you’ll see will have a couple of published Essays and Lectured Notes, which fit not only students but also practical business owners as well.

Before signing up for the services of an A Level Economics tutor or upon purchasing your very own guide books on the subject, here are just some of the topics which you’ll learn:


Understanding Singapore’s economic system

The introductory lesson you’ll be taking up in Economics would include understanding the subject’s value. As you take up an A Level economics tuition, you will get to see how the subject is actually a discipline which allows a nation to allocate its goods and resources to meet the needs of its people.

However not every human need is satiable, hence Economics would be the tool used to forecast and consider the factors related to how resources may be utilised in the best possible manner. Your potential A Level Economics tutor will be introducing a couple of time tested and practical concepts such as factors of production. These include Land, Labour, Capital and Enterprise.

A Level Economics tutor

Law of Supply and Demand in A Level Economics tuition

The concepts of Demand and Supply are among the perennial concepts involved in the study of Economics. Upon enrolling for an A Level Economics tuition, you’ll be introduced to the relationship between Supply and Demand. Price and Quantity are some of the additional topics which will be rendered applicable in various trends.

The Demand Curve can be rendered useful especially when you’re forecasting a shift of prices on certain goods. By learning this concept, you’ll understand how customers’ demands may be addressed and regulated through various pricing.

Government intervention through markets

To ensure goods and services will be well regulated among businesses, your prospective A Level Economics tutor will be talking about the intervention of government. This is where the concept of Taxes will be further expounded. You’ll be learning of how each tax is reflective of various market trends.

Samples of taxes include Specific Tax and Ad Valorem Tax. Tax incidence will also be looked into, as the reasonable distribution of tax percentages will be applied to firms and customers.

There are many more lessons which need to be learned as you consider enrolling for an A Level economics tuition. Check out more details about the subject and make the most of your learning soon.




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