Traditional Form Of Qipao Is In Fashionable Demand


The qipao is considered to be one of the most traditional costumes to wear by Chinese females. It has special features with regard to right side opening, stands collar, slip bottom, and fitted waist. This costume could set off fully the beautiful shape of a female body. The qipao garment is derived from the bannermen in the Qing dynasty. The qipao is the basal garment from the Northern China. The cloth has been modified in the early 20th century and has made even more comfortable and suitable. It has still retained the craftwork of the traditional society. The absolute prime time when qipao was greeted was in the 1930s and had successfully established itself as the irreplaceable female garment.

Popular and classy qipao garment

The dress is still popular among women in Singapore and in different other regions. This has left its mark on the Indian ground as well with its classy and extraordinarily beautiful appeal. The reason that it is reigning popular among many women is due to its fitness and slimness that have made it as the ultimate choice for the exquisite stature and slender women. In comparison to the traditional qipao, the modern qipao is capable of putting out the beautiful curves of any women and has definitely stood out as the outdated pattern as a classic representation of Chinese garment. It is going through many different changes with the changes in fashion.

Characteristics of this garmentqipao-garment

While inheriting the different characteristics of the Chinese qipao in certain details, the altered style one is closely associated with modern features and designs with cutting, color & match. The materials have been modified mainly at the bottom. It has not only met the aesthetic requirements of all the women, but has also redefined the new style statement as being versatile and easy wearing.

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