Trainer mirrors training: Meet the teachers of Routes of Yoga


Routes of Yoga, a Registered Yoga School (RYS) in Singapore, provides two competent yoga teacher for the yoga training courses. Yoga training courses offered by the company are led by two professional yoga masters who have great dedication in the practice of yoga.

The company provided for the brief description and information about the two yoga teachers who will be imparting knowledge and honing the skills of the students engaged in the yoga teacher training courses. This is also one of the ways to assess the quality of the yoga training since the teachers or leader will assume huge roles for the student to gain expertise as well.


Daphne has been interested in the concept of space from an early age and initially explored this as an architect with concrete man-made structures. She has since then evolved into exploring this on a more subtle level through yoga and within the natural structures of the human body and mind. Her practice and teachings are built upon this union between the inner and outer realms – two seemingly opposing fields within the maya of our eyes.

From these subtle realms of inner yoga to their projections and forms in the external environment, Daphne’s dedication is in the creation and recalibration towards harmonious space and geometry – the ultimate expression of sustainability and union. Her further studies in the fields of meditation, biogeometry, energy & movement, geomancy and philosophy are reflections of this same pursuit.

She seeks to create an atmosphere of awareness, grace and support in her yoga classes as she guides her students towards finding the Quality of Space within their own bodies, mind and breath.


After graduating from business school in 2002, Anton went on his first trip to India, where he was introduced to yoga. He was immediately fascinated by the challenge of a yoga practice and its relaxing effect. Since then yoga has become an essential part of his daily life, especially in balancing out the pressures he encountered during his previous assignments with multinational corporations like Google as well as a mission with Doctors Without Borders in Africa.

The Austrian has travelled several times to India where he studied the different traditions of yoga, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of this ancient science.

In his teachings, Anton utilizes his strong asana practice as a platform to guide his students into the deeper, subtler practices of yoga such as pranayama and meditation.

Interested students can visit the company’s website and browse through the offered yoga training courses. They can choose among the yoga training courses conducted in different venues and location such as in Bali.

About the company:

Routes of Yoga leads Retreats, Immersions and Teacher Trainings worldwide crafted to deepen your practice and expand your horizons. We work to facilitate your growth and understanding of yoga through our framework of support and knowledge. Our programs are rooted in the ancient traditional teachings of yoga. This vast science offers a diverse range of effective tools (routes) beneficial to all types of personalities and we strive to present it in a clear and concise way in order to be easily accessible to the modern practitioner. To find out more:

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