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back-pain-remedy-singaporeBack pain is a problem most of the people are suffering from. May it be an adult or an elderly person or a young boy or girl; most of them suffer from this problem. The main reason behind this problem might be often some heavy weight or it can even be because of some kind of injury.

Visiting a doctor means high doses of antibiotics and an array of medicines which might have other side effects as well. This is why, before visiting the doctor, one must seek for some of the home remedies as well. Some of the back pain remedies are as follows.

Practicing of some good postures

Leaning in front while sitting is certainly not a good posture. One should be straight while sitting. Wrong or poor postures may increase the pain, even more, whereas proper postures cure the persisting pain.


Exercising regularly can reduce to the pain to the maximum. Yoga or aerobics also helps a lot to cure the upper back pain treatment as well as knee joint pain.

Ice pack

Applying an ice pack during the pain can calm down the pain for some time. This is one of the best knee joint pain remedy to get rid of the pain instantly.

Consuming nutritious food

Consuming loads of Vitamin D and Calcium reduces the risk of osteoporosis and eventually the upper back pain as well.

Do not smoke

Smoking decreases the blood flow of the body and also heals all kinds of pain slowly.


One must not forget to take rest at regular intervals even if he/she has a busy schedule. Resting helps to reduce the pain by calming down the aching muscles.

If the pain does not reduce by these back pain remedies, then one must consult a reputed health physician in Singapore immediately.

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