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minioutfittersMini Outfitters has been in Singapore’s child designer clothes industry for a while now. Their edgy and constantly updating trends and contents have made it a designer hub for stylish kids and parents alike. The array of brands that they provide is makes shopping online through the comforts of our own homes such a convenient experience as parents can be spoilt for choices on just this one website.

The people behind Mini Outfitters believe that if parents and adults can be stylishly dressed, so can their kids! After all, personal style is a form of expression. Fuelled by this belief, the amount of thought and passion Mini Outfitters place into their website is apparent as they carefully pick stunning designer pieces from an array of international brands to be sold on their website. Now the term ‘designer clothes’ might already bring forth crazy price tag numbers in your head. But this is where Mini Outfitters is truly impressive- they offer them at such an affordable price. Parents can fulfil their dream of dressing their beloved children with the best of the best outfits without having to buy cringe at the price tag! If you visit their website at, you will find clothings for boys, girls, and babies for just $50! Yes, you saw that right. Designer pieces from exclusive brands around the world such as Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry can be yours (well, more accurately your childs’) at just less than $50 a piece!

If you’re staying in Singapore, you’re in for a treat. You are entitled for free shipping within Singapore with any purchase over SGD 80. For international customers, free shipping is available for selected countries. Delivery within Asia itself is free for purchases of SGD 200 and above, while there is a flat rate shipping cost to different countries outside of Asia. More information on their shipping details can be found here, or you can drop them a message on their social media platforms. They are highly active and responsive on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Aside from the professional service that greatly convenient busy parents, Mini Outfitters also provide regularly-updated styling tips for kids’ trends and looks. They have an active blog that houses educative and entertaining contents such as a Polo Shirt style guide for boys, look inspirations from celebrity kids, and how to style one designer t-shirt three ways! They also have yummy posts about baking and events that are kids-friendly, making Mini Outfitters more than just a design hub for kids, but a lifestyle hub as well.


About Mini Outfitters

Mini Outfitters is a members-only design haven for style-lovers. The wide range of international brands they offer, and the deliciously tempting prices these designer pieces are being sold at is what makes Mini Outfitters the top of its game. Their website boost juicy information and tips on kids’ style and trends too as they gain inspiration from stylish celebrity kids with equally chic moms. More info on Mini Outfitters can be found at their website here, or through their social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. They even have a blog for more information and tips on kids’ style. Check it out here!

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