TRINAX Media leads the Interactive Digital Marketing movement in Singapore


Trinax Media is a company that is known for providing technical solutions to revolutionize marketing campaigns in Singapore. They are the leader when it comes to using cutting-edge platforms for interactive digital marketing in the island.

There is a tight competition in the corporate world today, and companies seek new ways to make their marketing campaign more effective. Thanks to the improvements made in the field of technology, we now have more and better media platforms which we can use in order to raise brand awareness. TRINAX Media dedicates itself to providing top of the line interactive digital media in Singapore. They are aiming to become the leading company when it comes to making interactive digital marketing a norm.

Trinax Media has a lot of things to offer when it comes to interactive digital solutions for campaign marketing. They provide interactive digital directories, and wayfinding. They have touch screen kiosk, as well as interactive vending machines, and digital mirrors. The vending machines can even be customized to give rewards to those who use it.

The company also offers digital media platforms such as interactive photo booths, which also has automated photo printing services. Touch screen games have also become popular especially during promotional marketing events. Trinax Media also have interactive displays, such as digital projections and interactive mirrors. They are the leading company when it comes to providing interactive signage in Singapore. They provide high definition LED walls and video walls, which could be customized to suit the client’s needs.

As they aim to lead the movement of making Interactive Digital Marketing a norm in Singapore, Trinax Media is truly dedicated when it comes to providing world class services. It is for this reason that they have gained the trust of many renowned clients, from well-known names in the island and in the whole world. Among the companies that seek their cutting edge solutions include SingTel, Huawei, McLaren, Master Card, National University of Singapore, AIA, Colgate, and many more. They have also worked with National Environment Agency and have done projects for Digital Fashion Week Singapore. you may view many of their successful projects on their portfolio, which can be viewed through their website.

Here, companies gain more and even better technological solutions which can help raise brand awareness, to keep them ahead of their competitors. It is their mandate to give their best in providing support to their clients when it comes to providing interactive digital technology which helps them stand out from the rest. For top quality interactive digital marketing solutions in Singapore, Trinax Media is the one that you can always put your trust on.

About TRINAX Media

TRINAX Media is a company that lets companies widen their perspective when it comes to marketing campaigns. They offer a variety of technological solutions and makes use of different interactive platforms to help raise brand awareness in an out-of-the-box way.

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