Graphic Direction, a digital and offset printing company established since 1983 which specializes in printing applications for daily marketing collaterals use, has morphed from the traditional printing business to offering other services such as corporate gifts and event collaterals in Singapore.

With today’s marketing requirements in the industry, both SMEs and MNCs require a fast pace moving corporate gifts provider, with local production. Graphic Direction Gifts is one of the very few corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore that has actual local production and stocks to meet the tight deadlines. At Graphic Direction, clients can rest assured that all corporate gifts order will go through a thorough quality check prior to handing over completed corporate gifts orders to clients. The company of Graphic Direction Gifts emphasizes strongly on quality because it wants customers to avail of their service again and again.

Graphic Direction is also specializing in producing corporate gifts printing at fast turnaround time. With local production machines, they are able to meet deadlines that many other corporate gifts suppliers are unable to fulfil.

The company believes that nothing is too little to print. Graphic Direction prints the corporate gifts of clients irrespective at very low minimum order quantity or MOQ. The company understands that many corporate gifts companies in Singapore requires a large minimum order quantity or MOQ which might be a tough choice when clients don’t need that much.

For all orders below $700, the company will require a hundred percent upfront payment prior to commencement of corporate gifts project, because at the moment they do not do Cash On Delivery. To make an order, clients can simply select the items they want, by selecting “Add To Quote Cart”, proceed to submit their contact information so their sales can be able to be in touch with them.

For those wondering why they would need to make a hundred percent upfront payment and deposit, the company explains that with increasing number of cancellation of orders due to last minute request, thee now require 100% payment prior to commencement of design or printing project, as to serve genuine customers better. They want to place more time in creating high quality printing for genuine customers, rather than rushing out print jobs that will be cancelled, and with this the company hopes to each client’s kind understanding.

The payments can be made through different modes. It can be through Cash Payment in which customers will need to visit the company’s production office for payment; or through Cheque Payment by having the cheque mailed or delivered to the company’s office. The company will only process the order upon receiving cheque; or through Bank Transfer; and Direct Payment via Paypal in where an additional 4% will be levied.

Interested customers may contact Graphic Direction Gifts at 6636 7286 today for a no obligation quotation for all their design and printing requirements.

Graphic Direction is a digital and offset printing company established since 1983. The company specializes in printing applications for daily marketing collaterals use, or even large format printing for events. They are also one of the largest corporate gifts stocker in Singapore, with turnaround time, and low MOQ or minimum order requirement as their commitment. Visit their website for more information:

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