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Not many people will notice, but men also need all the care, pampering and treatment possible when it comes to their skin and body. This is why Only Aesthetic has a set of available methods which should make sure today’s men will get the complete, specialized regimen they’ll need to look and feel great. These may include a specialized facial treatment, pigmentation removal and even body sculpting programs.Here are just few of the procedures you can consider:


Facial treatments

The modern man will be certainly glad to find how various facial treatments are already within hisreach. Only Aesthetic has the Cryotherapy, Laser Skin Quickie, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Peelogy, Silk Peel, Freeze, VanishR Skin Rejuvenation and Legacy. These have various specializations, which should address your specific skin problems.


If you’re particularly looking for a pigmentation removal treatment, you can check out Only Aesthetic’sVanishRSkin Rejuvenation. This is a complete package which includes treatment for acne, spider veins and pigmentation. For those who have been out in the sun, the VanishRcan lighten and restore the radiance of your skin.


The option to remove unwanted hair

It’s usually the norm to accept how men tend to be naturallymore hairy then women. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t have enough resources to have their excess hair removed at will. This is where men can consider the VanishR Hair Removal Treatment. This is for men who’d like to lessen the amount of hair which they have on their arm pits.


For those who have too much unwanted hair, they may consider a beauty center which specializes in hair removal at Singapore. The VanishRtreatment is permanent and effective, while it lessens tendencies of swelling and burning.


Look much fitter with body firming treatments

Only Aesthetic has Fat Freeze, Vanquish, Lipo Light, ZeltiqCoolsculpting and Zeronaas its main body firming methods. Amazingly, Singapore’s top beauty center consistently has four fold features among its bulk of services. The features include painlessness, fast treatments, non-invasiveness and much lesser downtime. For individuals who look for options in coolsculpting at Singapore, they’ll be glad to learn about the efficiencies which Only Aesthetic can offer them.


Reduce pain with Only Aesthetic’spain management program

Have you been experiencing pain for the longest time? If so then you might want to consider Only Aesthetic’sLocalized and Whole Body Cryotherapyservices. This is the solution for various types of joint or body aches or pains. It also reduces swelling and inflammation.

About Only Aesthetics

As Singapore’s premier beauty and wellness center, Only Aesthetics has served over 600,000 customers with itsover 10 years of experience. To date, the clinic has performed over 1 million treatments for men, women and even teenagers. Its experts are very much experienced when it comes to making their clientslook and feel good.To know more about its effective treatments and learn further on the latest industry practices, check out their website at

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