Try Sumptuous Treats and See the Latest Events near the Sheraton


Are you a huge foodie? Or perhaps you like visiting events to see some interesting twists. If you’re either or both, then there are definitely a lot of things for you to see at the Sheraton Towers Singapore. You can check out the hotel’s menu in its dining areas and after having your sumptuous fill, you may then drop by the local events near the Sheraton.

Dine at DOMVS, Lobby Level

As you choose among the 5 star hotels in Singapore, you will come across DOMVS. The restaurant’s name is a Latin term which means home, and since Latin is Italian’s root language, DOMVS gives an impression of authenticity with the meals which it serves. This lobby-level dining place also comes with interiors which have classic and modern twists. People can even see their food being prepared as they look over a transparent view of the kitchen, by looking through the racks of wine bottles.

Chow at the Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

If you’re also up for some well-cooked, delectable Chinese-inspired meals the Sheraton Towers Singapore, has the Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. You can also fully savor your meals as you take them while looking through the Oriental inspired interiors of this dining place. Major fans of dynastic art will even get to see Tang Dynasty-inspired décor with jade, silver and fine bone elements.

Sheraton’s Lobby Bar

One of the most enjoyable things to do when you’re staying in Singapore’s luxury hotels, is to lounge along its bars. You can take some quiet time to sip some tea in the afternoon while listening to some instrumental music. When evening comes, you can choose among Sheraton’s wide range of wines and liquors which can be paired with some snacks. Night time music can also get even more relaxing, so you’ll certainly have a pleasant stay at the lobby bar.

Head out to see the Universal Studios

After having your delicious fill at the Sheraton’s restaurants and lobby bar, you’ll certainly have the energy to walk through the attractions at Singapore’s very own Universal Studios. Movie buffs and thrill seekers will definitely have the times of their lives as they experience the Transformers, Shrek and Jurassic Park rides. If you’re coming from Sheraton or the best hotel in Singapore, reaching Universal Studios will take about 9.4 km’s worth of travelling.

Watch graceful dancers at the Singapore Dance Theatre

Truly, Dance is one of the activities which can both be a sport and an art form. You can see Singapore’s finest and most well-trained dancers when you check out the Singapore Dance Theatre. In here, you’ll probably appreciate how artists’ emotions can be evoked through skillful body movements. The dance company is also comprised of 37 professional dancers, which means there’ll certainly be no boring beat or moment whenever a tune is played onstage.

About Sheraton Singapore

The Sheraton Towers Singapore has varied range of rooms and relaxing amenities which guests will always enjoy whenever they visit the Lion City. It also has packages for corporate functions, weddings and other events. For more information, you may visit their website at today.

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