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Would you like to rejuvenate your skin and remove excess hair in the most effective ways possible? Then you’d be glad to learn about the devices which Beauty Science carries. You can pamper yourself with own home based facial in Singapore or even carry out your facial sessions at home towards becoming your most beautiful self.

Remove unwanted hair with DepiTime Hair Removal

Beauty Science carries a Japanese brand called the DepiTime Hair Removal. This item uses a heat transmission technology, hence carbonising the hair for it to be easily taken out. The DepiTime device will not be affecting your hair’s perspiration system. It can even make your hair follicles thinner on its re-growth so it should not be difficult to take out the next time around.

If you’re looking for a device which is good in hair removal, DepiTime is a must-try for you! The DepiTime Hair Removal can remove unwanted hair in the armpits, chest, back, arm, lip, hair line and bikini area.


Revitalise and rejuvenate your skin with a HotIce Facial Massager

Hot and cold facial treatments have their corresponding benefits for the skin. This is why it would be advantageous for you to have Beauty Science’s HotIce Facial Massager. For those who are looking for a home facial in Singapore, then they’d be delighted to learn about this device.

The HotIce Facial Massager initially functions as a heat therapy instrument as it stimulates blood circulation and re-energises the skin. If you’re frequently exposed to harsh and polluted environments, your skin may most likely be stuck with toxins. With the heat therapy functionalities of the HotIce Facial Massager, you can have a clearer complexion through regular use.

After the heat therapy portion of your facial routine, you may then activate the device’s cold receptor functions. This capacity makes your pores contract hence it becomes much more visible. It should also lock in the moisture which is produced by the collagen cells which you’ve activated from the cold therapy session.


Lumi Ion Light revives your skin

Beauty Science also has the Lumi Ion Light which should bring new life into your tired and seemingly dull skin. Are you looking for other options when it comes to home based facial in Singapore? Then you must definitely try this product.

Lumi Ion Lights uses the Photofacial Light Therapy Technology, as it uses wavelengths to rejuvenate various types of skin. The technology has the ability to reach deep within the skin’s tissues, so collagen production may be further stimulated. This product can nourish, cleanse and lift the skin, leaving your feeling rejuvenated.


About Beauty Science

Beauty Science is an online store which specialises in selling beauty-based devices. They constantly seek for new technologies with various DIY functions. If you’d like to have a fresher looking appearance and maximize the anti-aging benefits of your beauty products then you must definitely have a look through their tools. For more information about the range of technologies which they have, visit their website at

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