A-Tutors Offers Competitive Rates with Private Tuition Singapore


A-Tutors make their private tutor service very much accessible to a huge number of individuals with the affordable rates that they provide.

A-Tutors understand the need for timely and effective a level tuition for students to be able to compete in the global world. There is indeed quite a demand for chemistry tuition, gp tuition, maths tuition, physics tuition, O level tuition as well as poa tuition and it is good to hear that A-Tutors are able to provide just that without the need for their students to spend an entire fortune when acquiring a home tutor for their own.

A-Tutors keeps things simple and clear with regards to private tuition services that they provide. This is quite apparent with them posting their home tuition rates right from the start for their students to make use of. Clients can choose from a Chinese tutor or  a English tutor with English tuition and Chinese tuition classes available on a regular basis.

Estimated hourly rates are displayed and can vary in terms of levels with their home tuition services. Home tuition rates can range from $15 up to $120 depending on the tutor’s individual skills and background. Clients are given the option to choose between a diploma level student tutors, an undergraduate, part time or full time tutors NIE Trainees and even MOE Teachers for their psle tuition or as a maths tutor. Primary school tuition rates can also varies with its different categories. For instance, Primary level 1 to 3 will range from $15 to $45, while Primary level 4 to 6 costs from $15 to $50. On the other hand, the Secondary level 1 to 2 will costs one $20 to $60 and the Secondary level 3 to 5 will range from $25 to up to $70. Lastly, is their ‘A’-Level / IP / IB with an initial asking price of $35 and can extend up to $120 for MOE Teachers.

This home tuition agency does indeed practice a great deal of transparency giving their clients a clear overview on what to expect when they decide to enroll to this tuition agency. Having a clear knowledge about their rates helps clients to have a good measure of time to prepare their budgets while at the same time, give them the option to compare prices and rates from other learning centers available in Singapore. In addition, tuition assignments can be found on a regular day to day basis at A-Tutors and as such, students will not be finding any shortage of these type of classes that are able to suit their respective preference and needs.   

About A-Tutors:

A-Tutors are home to a large database of experienced and capable home tutors that is able to teach a wide range of subjects for all levels. They provide highly competitive rates with hourly rates usually start from $15/hour for lower primary students. To find out more, you can head over to their website at http://atutors.com.sg/.

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