A-tutors seeks out private tuition prospects for home tutors in Singapore


ATutors provides private tuition services in SingaporeTuition agencies have been around for quite some time in gathering teaching forces and offering tuition to students who need to improve at school. However, there is a rise in popularity of having private tuition in Singapore, meaning that more and more students wish to learn from the comfort of their home outside class hours. As a result, there is an increasing demand for home tutors for various subjects. More and more people are also realising this golden opportunity of being able to make use of their existential knowledge to teach others and earn some extra income, yet it is difficult to find the students who need their service with their own effort alone.

A-tutors is a rather different tuition agency. It is an online platform that gathers the data of home tutors and documents them in their database. When a student or parent makes an enquiry on the availability of a home tutor in teaching such and such subject for a certain school level, A-tutors will short-list some tutors that meet the requirements for them. With recommendation from A-tutors, home tutors can now enlarge their circle of prospects while keeping their existing students and schedules.

The home tuition rates suggested by A-tutors is clearly stated on their website, so there are no worries of a home tutor being accused of over-charging the parents for their service. These rates are fixed based on the tutors’ experience and qualification and the schooling level of the students. However, the rates may vary as well given the location of having private tuition and the number of tuition hours. As the rates are only suggested, there may be further negotiations done with the parents and the tutors, but things are easier when there is a standard rate to compare to.

A-tutors provides their matching services for free to parents, however, their one-time commission fees will be deducted from the tutors’ pay for the first month. After that is done, students would pay all their fees to the tutor for the following months to come. These commission would include A-tutors’ services in giving tuition assignments to tutors that are available or near the students’ residential area and also recommending the tutors to the students who are seeking for their tutoring services. It is one of the best ways for a home tutor to tap into the Singaporean market without needing to fork out extra money to promote their services.


A-tutors is an online platform that helps home tutors and their prospective tuition students find each other. It has a large database of over 10,000 home tutors and provides free matching services by short-listing suitable tutors from their database and recommending them to parents and students that makes enquiries on the website. Their targeted students range from primary to A-levels, and some are looking for home tutors that would teach subjects that are rarely offered by tuition centres on the market. To register as a tutor with A-tutors, log on to atutors.com.sg today!


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