UBS Alliance Offers Accounting Software Training


Accounting is a very important aspect in business.  It is almost unthinkable for a business to proceed with its operation without bothering to have an accounting solution.  Whether this is in the form of a software or a human, an accountant is a necessity.  This is a fact that UBS Alliance has in mind when it decided to launch a training program.  The program aims to educate its clients on the basic principles of accounting as well as the technical aspects of running its accounting software. Since it started with its program, there have been many individuals who have successfully completed the training course.

There are two module that UBS Alliance offers to those interested in their training programs.  One is the EZ Accounting and Inventory Software and the other is UBS Accounting and Stock Control. These modules are completed through classroom sessions as well as practical activities.  Clients who are interested in enrolling in either of the two modules can register online through the UBS Alliance website.  It is important to take note that there may only be one training period for the entire year. This is the reason those who are planning to enrol are encouraged to do so early so that they could be sure of having a slot.

The EZ Accounting and Inventory Software does not just assist in a business’s accounting tasks.  It is also quite an effective tool in monitoring the inventory of supplies and logistics.  UBS Accounting and Stock Control Software, on the other hand, does accounting and stocks recording and monitoring as well.  Considering the tasks that can be done by the said software, it is quite obvious these are tools that any business cannot do without.  This is the reason why these are considered to be the top selling software of UBS Alliance in recent years.

While the said software products are very effective tools, UBS Alliance believes that it is still necessary for the clients to have operators who are skilled in using these.  This is the reason why the company is offering a training course on both software products.  The premise is that those who have completed the training are course can become very capable at operating software.  They may even be good enough to introduce certain tweaks to improve or to make the software adapt to the particular situations of the business it is being used.  As a result, clients who acquire the software from UBS Alliance actually send their staff for training.

About UBS Alliance

UBS Alliance is a leading business software developer and seller.  Its main focus is to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises when it comes to the development and marketing of software. The company was established in Malaysia.  Since its establishment in 1990, it has acquired the Multimedia Corridor Status or MSC.  The company has since expanded and now operating in Singapore where it continues to gain the respect of companies in the same line of business. Its list of clients in the country continues to grow. Visit their website to know more:

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