UBS Alliance Provides Accounting Software with Flexible Price Range


UBS Alliance is proud to announce their flexible price range with regards to their Ez accounting software which is available for access and viewing directly at their website. As such, customers are able to have a clear overview on how much they will be paying as well as what features they will get with the accounting software.

UBS Alliance provides a robust accounting software Singapore to their clients on a regular day to day basis. Their flexible price range that revolves around Ez software Singapore is clear and you can see that the company practices transparency with the Ez software that it is offering. This in turn makes it easy for customers to gauge the pricing and find one that is able to fit their preference and needs as well as their budget allocation.

Aside from the product itself, UBS Alliance also provides on-site training for the software that they provide. This includes the likes of UBS Accounting Software, MYOB accounting, Sage UBS accounting and more. Software setup and installation is also being provided and clients can rest easy and feel assured as UBS software, Sage UBS and other Singapore accounting software are integrated in a timely and effective manner. As such, clients can leave UBS payroll Singapore installation in their hands.

Companies running UBS accounting will require a good measure of support to make sure that everything is in good working order. UBS Alliance provides just that providing maintenance support for a year which is included in their plans. With it, clients are able to use payroll software Singapore and MYOB software Singapore with little to no worries especially since readily available help is being provided to them on a regular day to day basis.

If you are longing to use UBS accounting Singapore and want to integrate then to your business, you can checkout UBS Alliance and see their products, its pricing as well as their benefits.  MYOB Singapore and Quickbook Singapore has become quite accessible making them easy to purchase and acquire at any given time and it is good to hear that UBS Alliance provides such software as well along with the much needed training and support.

About UBS Alliance:

UBS Corporation BHD (UBS) is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company, which specialises in developing and marketing software for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) market. Established in 1990, UBS is currently the leading company in a small business accounting software in Malaysia. The company is listed on the MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia Berhad.

In Malaysia, UBS’ clientele has grown to more than 110,000 MSE companies, which trust and uses our products. UBS Corporation Bhd is currently headquatered in Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with branches all over the Malaysia to provide sales and service support to our valued customers. Currently UBS products and training packs are available from our comprehensive network of more tahn 400 trained dealers throughout the whole of Malaysia. To find out more, visit

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