UBS Has the Qualities You’ll Need in a Software Company


Payroll software SingaporeThere are various factors to consider, if you’re a business owner who’s looking to partner up with a top Accounting software company.

It can somehow be a challenge to come up with your short list of providers who can readily address your needs. However, you can get started with a couple of standards towards rightly choosing your tech partner. Here are a few qualities which you must consider in a supplier:

They must have a complete line of software services

With every size of organization, a top supplier must have a couple of ready-made and customizable software products which you must choose from. This is where User Basic Software’s services can be quite handy. Their services can range from EZ Accounting software, MYOB Accounting, Payroll and many others. It would be highly advisable to seek for customization so each investment you’ll make would rightly fit your daily transactions.

Thorough support from supplier’s representatives

Upon the installation of your chosen software, it would practical to check if they have a team that’s constantly on stand-by for adjustment and troubleshooting requests. UBS has representatives who are on call, so you could use some advice on handling your transactions better.

If you searched for UBS payroll in Singapore and have signed up for a service, you can expect for their team to provide you with phone, remote and on-site support. User Basic Software also goes to great lengths to ensure your employees will be more knowledgeable with handling the data related to your financial transactions.

Comprehensive price packages

As you visit the website of User Basic Software (UBS), one of their pages will include a line-up of prices depending on the number of users which will regularly handle the software. These range from single, multiple to an unlimited number of employees. They’re also quite transparent with their rates since the costs are already laid out for interested customers to read through.

Software trainings to strengthen employee knowledge

It’s always best to make the most of your software investment through ensuring your employees’ skills are aligned with your systems. This is where trainings from User Basic Software would be best. Their classes will have various topics ranging from Basic Knowledge on theories of Accounting, skills related to using Accounting software, reports related to Management Accounting, Warehouse Inventory checks in relation to software and many more.

Did you know UBS also provides the latest news in the industry of Accounting and Bookkeeping? This is why it’s also advisable for clients to visit the company’s blogs often, so they’d be updated on the latest updates in Accounting software.

About User Basics Software

UBS is Singapore’s premiere, business solution provider specializes in software development for the Accounting department. They can cater to the needs of small and medium sized organizations, as they specifically handle payroll and inventory software, among other book keeping functions. For more details about the company and its service packages, you may visit

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