Uhaul Tips for Long Distance Move


A long distance move can be very annoying if you don’t have anything planned in advance and everything has to be done quickly. It is a very competitive business so there are some companies that are on point and you won’t have any problems but others may be bad for your budget. It’s important to know some basics when it comes to moving and some additional tips that will make it easier and cheaper.

Some people prefer to take action and move on their own by just renting a truck for the load which is a cheaper option but will take a lot of time and effort. For larger families where a lot can help out, it may be a better option. Your choice of moving accommodation will mostly depends on your situation. However, it is always better to conduct an online investigation about the companies you will hire. You will probably find this article online useful in making your decision.

Make a Plan

You will probably need a plan if you are about to move hundreds of miles away. The first step is to write down tasks that are moving-related like moving truck reservation, moving helper, hotel reservation and the budget. Write in details so you won’t forget something when the day comes. You will be surprised on how many options you will have out there for moving and how companies operate to suit your need and budget.

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The essential thing is to stay on schedule because many things may come up when you are moving. Things like utility installation or getting to know the location is time sensitive so you shouldn’t do everything at the last minute. The plan is there to keep yourself from forgetting the things you need to do. It may include what needs to be done after you arrive at the location like unpacking.

Reputation and Multiple Estimates

The moving business has been here for a long time so the oldest companies have already built a reputation. Always hire a trustworthy company that has a lot of satisfied customers. You should remember that the cheapest option isn’t usually the best so you should think about having a bigger budget. Moving scams still happen so you need to know who you are working with.

You will probably find multiple reputable companies that might be a great choice. The next step is to take at least 3 different estimates from them and compare them. Most recommended time to schedule the estimates is 4 weeks before the move. It would be best if you could do it even earlier. The longer the distance the price will vary more so you can save a lot by finding the cheapest option among the best companies.

Items You Need the Most

Packing will take the most time because you need to separate fragile things from others and mark each box. The one thing you should do besides that is to have a box with items that you need the most and which needs to be opened first. This may include important things like jewelry and your personal information. When the company is moving your stuff then you should keep these items with you. Even some clothing may be in that box because you will need it for a couple of days until you unbox everything.

Let Professionals do Their Job

Learning about moving tips and tricks may help you save some time and money but still, you will need to hire a company if it is a long distance move. If you plan to do so, then don’t bother doing each hack you learned about moving instead you should let professionals do their job. Some people want to give them advice but they have experience and probably went through everything that you will tell them so there is no need to sound bossy. Read more on this link.

If you have a lot of fragile things then you should let them pack everything and you can just do the supervising. The last thing to do here is to make sure you have insurance for the load you are about to move. The price will depend on the distance and load size.

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