Your ultimate guide to playing good archery tag in Singapore


No matter which level are you in – A novice or an archery tag pro, if you would like to bring your archery tag skills to a higher level, we have the perfect archery tag strategy for you to dominate every match!

Useful tips for playing archery tag in Singapore

  • Do not go all out in the first few games

Normal archery tag games last between 6 to 8 minutes, however it is essential to pace yourself and keep your stamina last for a longer period of time. You should always try your best to win the game but take it easy! Archery tag games require both stamina and strategy, we want you to play each game with the same pace and energy!

  • Hide and shoot behind cover

archery tag singapore

Make sure you use the cover wisely and master the skill of shooting behind cover. The cover around the field is there for a reason – For you to have a higher chance of survival! It is also good to know that there is enough cover for each team member to hide behind, but do not forget to keep an eye on the surroundings! The archery tag field is designed for you to hide, but it does not act as an utter protection from all angles.

  • Team communicating is important

As archery tag Singapore is a group game, communication is the main key and strategy in winning. Before starting the game, talk to your team member and discuss what is the best way to communicate during the game – Are you going to shout to them when there is enemy? Or how do they give you arrows or ammos when you need one? Ensuring every job is well taken care of is one of the ways making the game a fun and successful one. There should be a backup plan too, in case any of the members is eliminated from the game, there is a teammate taking over his or her task.

  • Have fun and enjoy the game!

Last but not least, archery tag is all about having fun and make sure your teammates do the same too! While there are many strategies to be practiced and planned throughout the game, be respectful of other players – Be it your team or the rivalry. Archery tag is essentially about fun making and team building, if you agree with me!

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