Understanding PDU Courses


If you’re one of those project managers who are easily bored by work and if you are one of those who like to constantly learn something new even when on a holiday, you can plan ahead and get educated with courses like the PDU courses that are available. PDU stands for Professional Development Units. All you need to earn a course like this is to have a laptop and an Internet connection.

PDU courses

What Is PDU?

The Professional Development Unit or PDU is the measuring unit that used by the Project Management Institute or PMI when quantifying approved learning activities intended for PMI credential holders like the project management professionals. Typically, one PDU is earned in every hour spent within a planned and a structured learning environment.

On the Use of Net Connection

Along with the advancements in wireless technologies, it is possible to have laptops with wireless access almost everywhere. What’s good is that many of the phone carriers in the US, Europe, and Canada have made it quite easier to connect. And the good thing is that the connection process is almost the same in all carriers. Connection speeds tend to be faster in some areas where digital coverage is more available. The best and the fastest way to connect to the net while on vacation is through the use of available WiFi connection.

HotSpots and Its Benefits

There are also phone carriers that have mobile WiFi HotSpots that can be used for sharing net connection among several computers and devices. Mobile HotSpots are small and they can fit the palm of your hand but they can allow at the most five devices to be connected. That’s why they’re good for temporary workplaces and standalone kiosks where the net is needed and there’s no power outlet to use.

About Earning PDUs

Earning PDUs is not really as challenging or as daunting as most people would think. It is fairly easy and it can easily blend well with professionals’ career goals and available time for learning new things. The main purpose of PDUs is to enable PMPs to be constantly engaged and to keep on growing professionally.

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