Upgrade Your Industrial Ethernet Installation Today


image_601Are you aiming to improve the reliability of your Industrial Ethernet Installation? Then you’d find TNS to be quite helpful towards maintaining a stable interconnection in your network. Check out your managed ethernet switch options today.

Have a sturdy array of Industrial Ethernet Switches

TNS has IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) approved Industrial Ethernet Switches, which can make sure you price-to-performance ratios will be met. These are considered applicable for railway and other power installations.

The Industrial 10GbCore Switches have Layer 3 Switching features, which may allow up to 26 optical fiber connections. It also functions even when it’s fan-less, as its operating temperatures range from 0 to 60degrees Celsius. TNS carries top brands such as Moxa.

Did you also know TNS has available products which have undergone stress tests? These are particularly applicable with Moxa.

Connectivity even in rugged conditions, with Industrial Wireless equipment

TNS has Industrial Wireless selections, which can repel electromagnetic disturbances with its wide-temperature operation, galvanic isolation and metal housing. These features should be quite helpful, especially when you require uninterrupted communication even in the midst of critical operations.

One of the parts which you can consider as part of your managed ethernet selections would be the AWK-1121. This is equally compliant to the IEEE.

Combine your field devices with an Industrial Fieldbus

Prevent your devices from running on different protocols. With the Industrial Fieldbus from TNS, you may already simplify the deployment and maintenance of your devices.

One product which you must consider would be the EtherNet/IP Gateway MGate EIP3170-IEX. This one exceptionally has easy configuration, which can support 16 TCP masters and up to 31 or 62 serial slaves. It also has a built-in Ethernet cascade to easily wire up your industrial fieldbus system.

Look through your choices of Media Converters

TNS carries a range of intelligent Ethernet media converters which you may consider. If you’ve been looking for a top brand such as Moxa, you’d be glad to find how TNS has coaxial converters which extend IP video streaming distances at up to 1km.

The online store also has a range of PoE+ support systems, gigabit Ethernet, redundant power design and single fiber. Users can certainly rely on these converters’ reliable operations, even in the harshest weather conditions. Simply pick from their selections of Ethernet to Fiber Converters, Ethernet Over Coax and DSL Extenders.

About TNS

TNS Singapore is a leading distributor of industrial networking and computing systems, for B2B based organizations. They have the materials you’ll need to ensure efficient operations even during mission critical applications. Among the top brands they carry include Axiomtek and Moxa.

Check through their categories, ranging from Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance and Accessories. For more information about the parts which they carry, be sure to visit their site: http://www.tns.com.sg/. You can also call their representatives for details on how specific selections can be fitting for your requirements.

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