Urinal Design Trends: Stylish Options for Modern Restrooms


You must be planning to renovate a modern restroom, which is often overlooked. However, with the latest innovations, you can now choose from a variety of designs when innovating a restroom. For instance, you may transform a restroom with a bit of creativity by installing elegantly designed urinals. It can bring functionality and style to enhance the user experience. Designing modern restrooms is more than incorporating aesthetics, functionality sustainability or innovative technologies. You can now create a visually appealing restroom by checking out these latest trends in urinal designs.

Sustainable Solutions

Restroom fixtures are no longer an exception when it comes to incorporating sustainability in their design. With the popularity of the concept of sustainable solutions, urinal designs are now being curated with this concept in mind. The latest urinal design uses eco-friendly materials while prioritising water conservation. Waterless urinals, for example, are gaining popularity because they eliminate the need for flushing, resulting in considerable water savings. Furthermore, some versions include innovative filtering systems that eliminate odours and prevent bacteria development without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Manufacturers are also looking at recycled and ecologically friendly materials for building, in line with the worldwide trend towards eco-conscious living. Urinals made of recycled glass, reclaimed wood or other sustainable materials not only help the environment but also offer a touch of refinement to toilet design.

Touchless Technology

The continued global focus on hygiene has pushed the introduction of touchless technologies in lavatory design, including urinals. Sensor-operated urinals featuring automatic flush mechanisms and touchless controls are becoming more common. These advances not only improve hygiene by reducing touch with surfaces but also help to conserve water by optimising flush efficiency.

The integration of smart technologies extends beyond touchless flushing. Some contemporary urinals have sensors that track usage trends, allowing facility managers to tailor cleaning schedules and water usage to real demand. These data-driven insights not only boost productivity but also help to enhance lavatory hygiene.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bathroom fixtures are no longer only for practical purposes. Modern urinal designs emphasise aesthetics, converting functional parts into showpieces. Sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines and high-quality finishes are popular, blending urinals into the overall look of the restroom.

Customisation possibilities are increasingly becoming popular, allowing companies and organisations to select urinal designs consistent with their logo or interior design scheme. Employing bright colours, patterns, and artistic aspects may transform urinals into focus areas, improving the entire atmosphere of the toilet.

Space-Efficient Designs

With the growing emphasis on space efficiency, urinal designs are evolving to fit into smaller and more compact toilet layouts. Wall-mounted and corner urinals are becoming popular options for facilities with limited space. These designs maximise floor space and help create a more open and pleasant lavatory atmosphere.

The trend towards space efficiency is not limited to physical dimensions but also includes the whole structure and flow of lavatory rooms. Architects and designers are integrating urinals into coherent lavatory designs that prioritise user comfort and accessibility while creating a visually pleasing environment.

Inclusive and Accessible Design

Inclusivity and accessibility are key issues in modern design, and urinals are being redesigned to accommodate users with various demands. Lower-height urinals and those with adaptive features are more common, ensuring that toilets are accessible to persons of all abilities.

Furthermore, gender-inclusive lavatory design is gaining popularity, upsetting established standards. Some urinal designs are included in gender-neutral bathroom environments, fostering inclusion and removing obstacles associated with traditional restroom design.


Urinals transform as lavatory design improves to meet evolving consumer demands and expectations. From sustainable and touchless technology to aesthetically pleasant and inclusive designs, the most recent developments in urinal design transform modern restrooms into more efficient, visually appealing, and user-friendly environments. These trends, which combine creativity, sustainability, and a dedication to inclusion, not only improve the lavatory experience but also represent the larger change towards deliberate and meaningful design in the modern world.

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