Vehicles Type for Rental


Car renting in SingaporeIndeed there are many vehicles for rental ranging from cars to vans and scooters. Being the most common type of vehicles, cars are one of the most sought after in this industry. With that being said, there are many different types of cars up for rental.

There are mainly 5 types: Sedan, SUV, MPV, Luxury and Commercial which caters to the various target groups and working class.

The Sedan

Sedan is a passenger car that can take up to 5 people including the driver in two roles of seats. One of the most common types on the road, it is one of the affordables type that aims to carry people and their baggage on normal roads. Such cars are suitable for average families of around 4-5 members in their daily transportation.


SUV is the acronym for ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ and is equipped with the ability to travel on and off roads. It is slightly similar to a station wagon with more spacious seating at the back. Its vehicle body is designed to be on rough terrain yet, it is able to travel on highways and city areas as well. Despite being designed to travel off roads, it has a light body. Such cars are suitable for both singles and families who like to go on road trips but without the elderly as the vehicle body itself is considered high thus, it may not be suitable for the old folks.


MPV is the acronym for ‘Multi-Purpose Vehicle’ which is primarily designed for passenger safety and comfort. Its interior includes three rolls of adult size seats that can be accessed through large sliding doors either automated or not. Such vehicles are usually taller than the regular vehicles and also features removable seats that can be utilised for cargo fitting. MPVs are usually suitable for big families or drivers that require transportation of baggage often together with people transportation.

The Luxury

These vehicles are usually a term for cars that provide luxury to its drivers and passengers. The market price is generally at the higher end for the vehicle. Since it is catered for luxury, the sound, engine and even design is at a higher quality and premier construction. This term can be applied to any vehicle type and is highly marketable as a form of supremacy.

The Commercial

Commercial vehicles are generally used for carrying good or transporting fare-paying passengers. Such vehicles carry on an average of nine or more people including the driver. Many times, commercial vehicles are used on behalf of corporations and serves as a transportation tool for business. They are suitable for businesses that require goods transportation or is in the transport industry.

Now that you know the various vehicle types, feel free to drop us a contact so that you can kick start your vehicle rental journey with us at Global Advance Leasing!

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