Venetian Blinds – The Perfect Home Interior Item


Decorating home with heavy curtains is now considered old fashioned in the world of home interior decoration. The new and stylish is blind. Different types of blinds are now available in the market to match the need and requirement of every house. Some of the interesting blind options present in the market are

Roman blinds

These blinds give an extremely elegant look to interior of bedroom and guest room. It comes in a number of vibrant colors. The shades are made of soft material having a subtle design over it. The best part about these blinds is, it has complete customization possibility and it can be easily integrated with any shape of windows.

Venetian blinds in Singapore

These blinds are also known as window covering or door covering. Just like roman blinds, these blinds too come in attractive designs. Two types of blinds are available in the market

  • Motor operated

A small motor is attached in the blind to attain upward and downward movement.

  • Remote operated

These blinds come with a remote can be operated from a distance. These blinds can be installed in open space as well.

Combine blind with wallpaper in Singapore

The blind enhance the look of home interior and when it is combined decent Korean wallpaper Singapore then make the perfect combination. Just like blinds are available in different shape, color and design, the wallpapers also come in wide design and pattern. However, it is important to set the combination of both blind and wallpaper Singapore work in the house while doing the work.

For this, those suppliers should be chosen who provide both products in the wide range. This helps in making the choice.

One such supplier of both wallpaper and blind in Singapore is WALL CRAFT. They have a range of products in different pattern and style.

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