Ways of Processing Poultry in Singapore


Consuming poultry in Singapore has to be one of the highest concerns for citizens and international consumers alike. It is of utmost importance that poultry be slaughtered and processed, and then cold stored within safety regulations and according to safe-handling practices in order to make it from the slaughterhouse to the table with minimal poultry processing while keeping to strict codes.

Singapore, which is still considered to be free from avian influenza, processes an enormous amount of poultry daily, keeping slaughterhouses and processing plants continuously challenged.

Recently, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority held a poultry-culling experiment located at a Singapore slaughterhouse, which took place involving 500 chickens. This experiment was designed to engage workers more fully in their jobs as well as familiarize workers with the drills that would take place in case of an outbreak.

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Although there are many companies listed in the directory, the most popular company is:


Some information about this company are as follows:


We manufacture and supply a wide range of popular halal smallgoods such as sausages, hams and other gourmet specialities. These are retailed at major supermarkets under our SunnyGold brand as well as included as part of the gourmet food provided by hotels, restaurants and other food service providers.

Processed from quality meat imported from Australia our chilled beef and lamb products are available.

We are also in the business of offering third-party slaughtering services to fresh chicken distributors who do not own slaughtering facilities. We process approximately 25% of Singapore’s daily demand for fresh chickens.

Our food safety system is certified to be compliant with HACCP standards and our slaughterhouse has been awarded the highest grading (“A”) by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

We provide a wide range of chicken products to supermarkets, wet markets stores, hotels, restaurants, chicken rice stores and other food service outlets.

Our chicken products include fresh whole chickens, portion cuts, marinated chickens and frozen chicken parts thawed for customers’ convenience.

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