WCT systems offers various services for kitchen exhaust system in Singapore


WCT Systems Pte Ltd, a service providing company for kitchen exhaust and ventilation system, offers a broad line of services for kitchen exhaust system in Singapore. Its jam-packed and diverse line of services provide convenience to companies and clients as one company can now handle the varied concerns on matters about kitchen ventilation.

With the innovative solutions and services of the company, clients can now express all their concerns and settle problems in just a single yet productive transaction. WCT Systems commits high quality products and services which assures satisfactory among clients and customers.

The company’s values and expertise can be mirrored through its more than 20 services readily available upon demand. WCT Systems can supply, build, and Install ventilations where it cater Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation cleaning, and Kitchen ventilation repair and maintenance.

With the aforementioned services, clients may be able to first, secure supplies of variable speed driver, control panels, electric motors, and ventilation fans. These are the few tools or parts that are essential in every commercial or industrial kitchen ventilation system. Also, WCT systems can offer these kitchen ventilation tailor made for each individual building.

For the second service which us the Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation cleaning, clients may secure the safety of their ventilation systems with the efficient and effective cleaning methods and supplies. It include Kitchen hood degreasing, roof to grease removal, vent and hood cleaning, hood cleaning, filter exchange, hot water sanitizing, restaurant exhaust cleaning, fan and duct work cleaning, and grease containment systems.

The third service category is the Kitchen Ventilation Repair & Maintenance. The team of professionals from WCT systems can also repair and provide maintenance services. It include Fan Repair, Install Fan Belts, Fan Maintenance, Digital Inspections, Fix Fire & Health Code Violations, Air Flow Analyses, Green/Biodegradable Chemicals, Emergency Repair Services, Fan Hinge Kits Installed.

The company clearly expresses their vision of having a long term partnership between companies for mutual success. They are able to keep the whole system working and in safe condition while the client can enjoy the benefits of those services while progressing in the business. WCT systems values their clients by providing only high quality services and products for every company and business establishments especially those whose kitchen is the heart of the business.

WCT systems is also a compliant and has certificates from the regulatory boards that set standards for kitchen ventilation systems. It includes NEA (National Environment Agency), FFSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) & SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force).

About WCT systems:
WCT Systems Pte Ltd build, supply, clean & repair. It is established in Singapore in the year 2013. The company aims to create a more convenient service for companies which leads them to establish a one-stop solution service, from maintaining and servicing of existing systems to building new systems for upcoming projects and new establishments. It is committed in addressing and proving solutions on various issues on kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems. To find out more, visit: http://wctsystems.com.sg/.

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