WCT systems reduces fire hazards with its trusted products for kitchen exhaust system in Singapore


WCT Systems Pte Ltd, a service providing company for kitchen exhaust and ventilation system, provides products to ensure safety against fire hazards and threats. The company offers quality and top of the line products to meet every demands and needs of their clients. The products have been tested and innovatively designed in order for the whole kitchen ventilation system to be efficient and safe to use.

Its valued clientèles are able to avail solutions through the use of different products offered by the BizSafe certified company. WCT systems create a diversity of safe line of products and tools used in every commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust systems.

The company, in order to provide the best convenience to its valued clients, have provided photographs and brief details about their products. In their website, one can see the following products offered:

Control Panels, DOL Starters (Direct-On-Line), VSD (Variable Speed Drives, Electric Motors, MV Fans & Fan Parts, Air Curtains, Fresh Air Systems, Electrostatic Air Cleaners, and Germicidal Lamp Systems.

These products have been utilized and have served over 34 clients for about 2 years. WCT systems continues to create a space for innovative solutions and products as their number of clients increases. Their professionalism has been evident since its establishment in the year 2013.

Its broad knowledge about the industry gives an impression of what it can offer to its clients especially when it comes to professionalism. The company is also versatile having expertise on both commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust handling. Aside from products, they also provide services to assists every client. Hence, WCT systems can also be considered as a one-stop shop providing convenience and fast execution services.

In providing services, the company recognize the operations of businesses and are flexible when it comes to time. They can do the task at any time of the day so as not to impair or impede the business transactions and operations of the restaurant. They offer a 24/7 operation services. Maintenance services for kitchen exhaust ventilation systems are usually the services availed during unusual time in a day.

The company is also a compliant to Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) safety regulation code of practice SS CP 13, National Environmental Agency (NEA) & Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FFSD) regulations. Thus, WCT system assures safety and high quality services and products which are essential especially when taking into consideration the risks that the company may possibly go through without such assurances and trusted services.

About WCT systems:
WCT Systems Pte Ltd build, supply, clean & repair. It is established in Singapore in the year 2013. The company aims to create a more convenient service for companies which leads them to establish a one-stop solution service, from maintaining and servicing of existing systems to building new systems for upcoming projects and new establishments. It is committed in addressing and proving solutions on various issues on kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems. To find out more, visit: http://wctsystems.com.sg/.

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