Wedding Day, Wedding Dress, And a Bridal Studio


Wedding day is an interesting day for people who would be united together. However, people must calculate their budget as not to spend money that would only be wasteful later. People should also get into the realistic aspect of their life when deciding to buy a wedding gown so they spend more on the essential things they need to buy for their wedding day. In addition, wedding gown tend to comes with alterations fees, veils, lingerie, bridal shoes and jewellery.

Start early is one of the most important aspects on buying a bridal gown by providing nine to twelfth months. In returns, the brides would get a perfect fit of gown for their figures as well plenty of times to alter when they found something mess up with their dress. Sometimes, the wedding gowns should follow the rules set by the church or mosque such as covering the brides’ shoulder and covering things that are required.

Dress styles are according to the event, season and time pick by the brides. For instance, wedding event on a sunny beach would be hot and thus, the brides should wear fabrics and silhouette that could give them plenty of air flow under their gowns. After deciding on the event, season and time, the brides should make an appointment for advice on the gowns they choose and whether it suit with them or there are many others options that the brides can try.

With many of bridal studios can be found around the town, people shouldn’t have any problem when getting the right pieces or attire for their wedding days. If they found out that the services they gain are quite poor compare to the other bridal studios which they have heard from their friends provide a super quality of services, they could always change it. This is also why it is important to apply the nine to twelfth months in finding the right wedding gowns.

Last but not least, brides should always check their undergarments that would suit with the gowns. This is a necessity in preventing attracting to many crowds as well prohibited some unfortunate events such as nip slip and wardrobe malfunction. It could also provide the brides with more confident and comfort when they walking on the aisle.

About Rico-A-Mona Bridal
Rico-A-Mona Bridal is a bridal studio located near the Tanjong Pagar MRT in Singapore. The bridal studio which specialised in designing fine wedding dress used only luxurious materials and fabrics for the European designs dress ranging from modern chic to extravagantly embellish. The company also provide services on pre-wedding photography package or actual wedding package or both for their customers. Other services include bridal gown, evening gown and ROM dress off the rack and make to measure, groom suits and flower bouquet. For more information, visit

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