Grid synergy is a company that creates innovations and ideas, bringing them to life. Since the company is promoting digital, visual, corporate and digital production, the team consists of professionals that makes sure that clients’ expectation will be met, especially to the value clients/customers who want to have a unique animation, graphic designs and video production.

The company is a group of animation producers in Singapore that makes corporate video production, educational video production, graphic design and movie production. They have their own movie production house, and they also create video marketing campaigns, web video production, website design and SEO.

The company focuses on economic, educational, cultural and social needs and services which can channel into diverse structure through visual and digital communications. The mainly target of the company is to captured a wide spectrum of market.

The company is currently promoting an e-learning service, Genio. It is an advanced interactive educational Television series produced by Grid Synergy for SingTel’s mioTV. From conceptualization to production, Grid Synergy provide strict educational standards that are followed and promote original scripting, animation and motion graphics to produce a high-quality and appealing product.

For corporate videos, Grid Synergy creates corporate videos with different techniques. Most corporate videos are unexciting, boring and dry. The company wants to help their clients to compose content in different mediums that leads into effective communication and engage the audience directly. They want to bring creativity and out of the box thinking to corporate communications. They modernize corporate video productions into innovative with extraordinary concepts.

When it comes to movies, the company has always been passionate. Their team had produced and directed many movies, covering different genres like comedy, drama and horror. With the right team and the accurate mix, they can merge passion with productivity. The combined box office takings from their movies have surpassed $10 million in Singapore alone with several of the movies being named the number one movie during the opening week. The company has found a winning strategy and will continue to enlarge movie projects that are entertaining, meaningful and profitable.

The company works closely with their clients and partners where they form digital solutions to help them to reach out to their customers more efficiently. By being sensitive to up-and-coming trends, and working in tandem with their partners, they deliver media products that effectively convey the message of the clients.

The company is open to talks about the economic, educational, cultural and social needs that needs a good visual and digital platform of media and communications. You can call them at telephone number at +65 6779 1815 or email at enquiry@gridsynergy.com.sg.

About the company:
Grid Synergy is a Trans-media Studio where they ignite passion, pushes the boundaries, and brings creativity, dedication and energy to every project. They challenge the status quo. They shift perceptions. They engage and compel stories across multiple media platforms. For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.gridsynergy.sg/.

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