What Are The Qualities Of A Good Maid Agency In Singapore?


Maid agencies in Singapore provide solutions to some of the common challenges that Singaporeans face especially during the holidays. Due to the sensitivity of the services that these agencies offer, the government has come in to put in place organizations whose main role is to moderate the industry and ensure that clients get nothing but the best house help services.

Today, we will look at the little-known factors that you can use to locate a good maid agency in Singapore.

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Retention rate of the maid agency

The FDW retention rate is a metric that is used to determine the total number of maids who have remained with the same agency or employer for 12 months. Ideally, the higher the retention rates, the better since it shows that the maid agency is committed and determined to provide favorable working conditions to their personnel. It is important to note that the retention rate in Singapore is relatively low as compared to other parts of the world. A retention rate of 60 percent is considered modest, but at the same time, you should review the placement volumes. It does not make any sense to hire an agency that has a retention rate of 100 percent if it has only hired and referred one maid to a single employer.

Agency’s transfer rate

The transfer rate is a metric that is used to show the number of house helpers who have moved from one employer or agency three times or more over the last 12 months. A high transfer rate means that the agency is fond of shifting their personnel from one employer to another too frequently. Such a rating is a red flag – the lower the rate, the better, it should be less than 8%.

Agency’s demerit points

Demerit points are issued to agencies that go against the rules stipulated in the Employment Agency Act. Avoid seeking maid services of a company that has demerit points, as that is a clear sign that they are not professional and committed to the regulations put in place by the government. Stick to agencies that you can trust.

Putting into consideration the above metrics will help you to find the good maid agencies Singapore with ease.

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