What For Gastroscopy Is Performed?


gastroscopy singapore

There are people that suffer from stomach issues. And this test will be performed to find out the diseases of the stomach region. Yes, doctors need to use something to view the first part of the small intestine, stomach and gullet as they cannot view them directly. But using x-rays and others will be time-consuming. That is the reason why doctors would like to use endoscopy technique. That is, it is performed by inserting a rod like structure called endoscope into the stomach. This will help doctors to view the portions of the stomach, gullet and small intestine’s first part. The patients will be advised to come with an empty stomach for this test. For taking this test, all you have to do is to find the best Singapore hospital that has all the facilities to get the test done accurately. Weight loss is a major issue for most people these days. No matter, what is the actual reason for weight gain, but people would like to stay fit. If that is the case with you, you can consider taking sleeve gastrectomy Singapore surgery. This surgery will help you reduce weight to the point.

Why to undergo bariatric surgery in Singapore?

gastric bypass surgery

  • If you are someone that is suffering from overweight, you can take this surgery. Overweight is not something that just makes you look fatter. Rather, the overweight will bring several other health issues like strokes, high BP, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and heart abnormalities.
  • So, it is more than essential to undergo gastric bypass surgery to reduce weight.
  • If you have reduced weight, you can look slimmer and as well, you can rescue yourself from getting the above-mentioned issues.
  • You do not have to bother about the side effects of the surgery as this weight loss surgery is proven to bring no side effects.

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