The Public Speaking Academy is a training center in Singapore that goes beyond just teaching the clients – both from academic and corporate world, in developing their communication skills. It seeks to help these people to upgrade their proficiencies into a more competitive level, surpassing their initial expectations and discovering their great potentials as public speakers. All of these efforts are anchored in the vision of transforming the public speaking culture of the country.

It stands out amongst the rest in three areas. Firstly, the Public Speaking Academy listens and understands that all students who step into its learning centre are unique individuals with different personalities and characters. Its programme is both rigorous and flexible in that it can be moulded to accommodate the different personalities and aptitudes of their students. To facilitate the understanding of their students, they arrange for a one-to-one consultation with the students and lead them through a series of self-discovery questions, professional evaluation by the Principal and Master Trainer as well as goals-setting survey. The academy differentiates itself with the unique element of training: a two-way feedback system for improvement which allows them to teach what students want to learn instead of guessing what they want to learn. They also pride themselves for customising learning objectives to suit the pace, needs and development of their clients. Subsequent to the training sessions, the Public Speaking Academy believes in providing after service assistance and follow-up.

Secondly, the Public Speaking Academy is video-recording the speeches of their students for in-depth video analysis during the playback session. Parents may also utilise the video-clips to track the progress of their children in the classroom. This stands in contrast with the traditional tuition or soft skills learning centres where parents lose the ability to gain such close interactions which they can otherwise acquire in the academy’s training paradigm. Parents will also be kept abreast of their children’s progress with the trainers’ remarks and recommendations on their children’s individual report cards. The Public

Speaking Academy believes in going the extra mile to deliver quality service and results to their clients. All of the students get to keep a copy of their speech recordings for their future analysis and learning.

Thirdly, the Public Speaking Academy is proud to share that its Public Speaking modules, including but not limited to, the course syllabus or content, Aims and Objectives, Expected Outcomes, Examinations and Certificate model, mode of assessment, deliverables, target students or admission requirements, trainers, fees, duration, of course are all registered with the Ministry of Education. The examinations are rigorous and designed to test the candidates’ abilities to apply what they have learnt at the Public Speaking Academy.

Finally, its teaching faculty comprises of trainers with both the heart-ware which is the powerful interpersonal skills to connect and befriend their students; thereby creating rapport and establishing long-term ties with our students, and software which is the knowledge, talents, experience and skills. All of the trainers have at least three years of public speaking and/or debate competition background; trained schools, corporate organisations and/or private group of students for at least three years; outstanding academic and social accolades and achievements. The trainers are young and passionate.

Hence, they are most capable of relating effectively to the younger generation of students and adult professionals, thereby, rendering them the prime choice for most schools and corporate organisations for communication training programmes.

The academy believes that public speaking is not a skill that can be mastered within a day or two. They believe in consistent work over a period of time that has been proven to be optimal for students to imbibe the effective communication theories and translate them to practical and tangible manifestations. Instead of cramping all the learning objectives and practice sessions into a 2-3 day programme, they believe in a piecemeal approach where students can have adequate time to experiment with different permutations of non-verbal communication cues, speech structure(s) and vocal variants. Moreover, a steady and dependable series of training sessions, where their devoted and enthusiastic trainers can fine-tune and refine the areas of improvement, would allow the skills to assimilate into the mental faculties of the students for a lasting impact and transformation. The total duration set for each module takes into consideration the number of learning objectives, level of difficulty for comprehensive mastery and understanding of the subject matter and workload for both theoretical instruction and preparation time for the practicum.

The art of public speaking is currently all the rage in the education and corporate circuit. In view of the growing demand, the academy is constantly searching for and developing the best talents by accentuating their confidence to express and impress.


The Public Speaking Academy is a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal professional training domain. Focused on accentuating the aggregate confidence of individuals to express and impress, the Public Speaking Academy is honored to receive the strong support of education institutions as they begin efforts in transforming the public speaking culture into a more vibrant one. Founded in 2009, the Public Speaking Academy has seen over 5 years of outstanding performances both in

Singapore and overseas. The Public Speaking Academy has consistently provided quality education on effective communication and the English language to help students and working professionals excel in their respective fields. The positive reviews and feedback from satisfied clients continue to motivate the Public Speaking Academy to upgrade and refine its teaching methodologies; providing the best to new and existing clients. For more information, visit: www.publicspeakingacademy.com.sg

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