What Students Say about Economics Café


Have you always been challenged by the difficulties related to Economics? If so, you’ll no longer need to fret. At the Economics Café, students gained meaningful learning experiences and analytical skills upon enrolling for an Economics Tuition in Singapore. You can then gauge the extent of your learning experience based from what they can say about the institution. Here are a few of them:

Significantly improved their grades

There are students who can attest to how their percentile significantly increased from 30 to 96. As they signed up for an A Level Economics Tuition, they acquired the studying skills necessary throughout the other courses they’re taking up.

Economics Café also instills the value of appreciating Economics as a subject which can be used in the long run. Throughout the methodologies and exercises which they encountered, students have also become more disciplined towards aiming for their target grades in the long run.

More confidence in learning the building blocks of Economics

Not everyone will be as savvy about learning the concepts of Economics. This is where Economics Café’s Principal Tutor, Mr. Edmund Quek would be very much helpful. He considers every class as a learning experience which should impart values throughout its students. This means each lesson must not merely have a list of concepts or terms which need to be memorized.

There are reasons behind each formula and when they’re applied well, a prospective business owner will be much better adjusted when it comes to positioning his or her enterprise. For instance, the Elasticity of Price and Demand, or even Scarcity, Choice or Opportunity Cost will make a lot of sense when applied to actual products.

Accreditations in future applications

Economics Café offers the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Economics Tuition, and this should be useful especially for those who are planning to study abroad. If you’re planning to take up further studies in the UK, a high rank with the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level will give you the immense advantage you’ll need for applications.

Almost every student is daunted by the thought of taking up the exam. However those who took up a couple of classes at Economics Café have become equipped to go through the questions with more diligence, and as a result some even scored highly at the exams.

A better perspective of Economics

Those who took up their lessons at Economics Café had a better understanding and appreciation of the subject. They do not merely see complex formulas. What they now see are a couple of solutions which enable them to make better decisions at any trend or scenario which may take place in their industries.

About Economics Café

With its Principal Tutor Mr. Edmund Quek, Economics Café has sets of methodologies which will ensure the students will fully grasp the concepts and values of Economics. From learning journeys, focus on the students, reviewing the news, writing exercises and discussions, fruitful experiences will certainly be acquired by the school’s enrollees. For more information, visit http://www.economicscafe.com.sg/.

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