What’s in it for you? Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise shows why they are fit for your moving needs


Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise, also known as AE Logistics, a full-service relocation company that offers packing and transportation services for residential and commercial purposes, expresses reasons why they can do the job efficiently and conveniently better than others. The solutions offered by the company in Singapore is also extended abroad and across the country in providing competence for relocation services.

The professional movers designed a list which the company devotes themselves in in order to provide 100% satisfaction to their customers and clients as well as establish a long term relationship with their regular clients.

As the moving company efficiently accomplish services for packing, delivery, transportation of different object especially from one home to another, they have customized and modified their own line of services for an integrated satisfactory facilities that are stress and hassle free.

The moving company in Singapore provides for the significant characteristics of the company that clients can rely to. They showcase this characteristics to give the most convenient services whether for local and international customers.


With Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise, you get not just service efficiency but also cost effectiveness. Whether the requirement is for personal or business purposes, we understand that our customers have a budget that they have to stick to. You can rest assured that you get what you need at the price you can afford.


The first and most important part of our job is to understand your needs. We take the time to do onsite quotations and personal surveys so we can gain better insight on how we can be of help. We provide a variety of transportation and storage options that can be tailored according to each customer’s unique requirements.


In our years in the industry, we have received many favourable feedbacks from our customers. Some of them have engaged us more than once because they were satisfied with the staff support. Not only do we ensure efficient delivery of services, we also help you achieve peace of mind throughout the entire process. Our people are trained to withstand any logistical challenge that may come their way.

These characteristics are all incorporated with their relocation and warehouse storage solutions. The services of Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise are well-suited to the residential, commercial, and corporate needs of the clients. Every client are assured that the team behind the company can provide quality work by the virtue of the characteristics of the company.

About Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise:

AE Logistics specializes in relocation and storage solutions for residential, commercial, and corporate entities. They serve the length of Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, relieving you of the stress and hassle that comes with transporting and safekeeping goods. Having been in the industry for almost two decades, their team of professional movers can handle a wide range of transportation requirements. Whether it is local or international, they can guide you through the nitty-gritty details of moving, which may include arranging all necessary documentation. To find out more, visit: http://www.aelogistics.com.sg/

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