Why Moving to the Country is Best These Days?


Truth be told, cities all over the world are in turmoil these days. Before, cities were the pride of the land. You can count by the fingers on your hand some of the most well-known cities today. That’s how massive their appeal is. You have New York, Paris, and London as some of the most iconic examples. They’re like beacons for everyone to flock around.

But cities in light of the virus elicit a certain dread these days. As seclusion became the new normal, the crowds that the city boasted became a pariah for everyone. Even the greatest of our games today, the Olympics has become nearly a flop in Tokyo as organizers tend to the possibility of inviting viral infections en masse.

Increasingly, living in a big city has become frustrating for many. Thanks to all that fear, we have seen a considerable increase in urban to rural migration in recent times. As the virus haunts the cities, the trend of seeking the countryside is growing.

But relocation is no small decision, especially if you’re holed up in the city for years now.  If you are in this position, keep reading this article as we highlight reasons why relocating to the country may be the best option for you.

Fresher Air

It is no secret that the city air is very polluted while that in the country is cleaner. The reason for this is not far-fetched as there is less pollution and more trees in the country. Perhaps the improved phytochemicals released from microbes, plants, and fungi also contribute to the fresh atmosphere.

Pollution in highly industrialized areas is not just from the declining greenery but from harmful particles from buses, trucks, factories, cars, and other urban environment mainstays. You breathe in these particles and they move to the lungs weakening your immune system and increasing your chances of getting ill. By moving to the country you will have access to better and more protected air.

More Affordable Standard of Living

Many people in the city live a frugal lifestyle. They depend on each paycheck to see them through the next month. As rent and food cost more, people in the city must take a closer look at the weight of their wallets or stay hungry.

But you can escape this method of living by moving to the countryside where things are generally cheaper.

In a country home, you pay less for transportation, health care, and groceries. The cost of housing is also much cheaper. In addition, mortgage loan companies in the country can give you better deals too. Considering moving to the countryside is friendly on your wallet.

Connection with Nature

There is something about sitting in your home and just listening to the sound of the cricket that soothes your soul. A countryside home can give you this. The atmosphere is more peaceful, you don’t have to worry about the music next door or the impatient car horns.

Connecting with nature benefits your memory and improves your health. You may even discover a creative side of you. You have your natural paradise and can do whatever you want to do with it. If you get lucky, you might even find a house near a lake or pond. What absolute bliss!

Improves Your Psychological Health

Urban lifestyle has a way of affecting your brain functions subtly. The effect of this is potentially harmful. Little wonder why there is an increasing rate of mental dysfunction in cities. Those living in the country have lower chances of experiencing brain overstimulation that leads to mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.

We do not mean that by living in the country you are completely exempted from mental illness or disorders. There’s also stress in the country but it’s not as rampant as when you’re dealing with throngs and throngs of people every day.

Reduced Crime 

Rural residents report less crime in comparison to urban dwellers. Some of these thefts include aggravated assault, theft, and robbery. The reason for this is partly because of the reduced population and higher number of law officers. These two factors have an impact on the crime rates in these parts of the world.

Crime happens everywhere but if you are looking for a place where you will be more comfortable to leave your windows unlocked to let in the breeze while you sleep or allow your children to ride off alone in the open air, you should consider the countryside.

We think the benefits of living in the country outweigh that of city life. And pending the time when the world authority can get this ravaging virus under control, isn’t it better to go to a place where you will have more protection?

Nevertheless, this is a big decision like we mentioned at the beginning. You should take all the time necessary in making this decision, especially if you have a family that will be moving with you. After all, where your family is safest should be best.

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