Why Pick Swimmax?


Swimming lessons with swimmax


Perhaps you already have considered a couple of schools which teach swimming lessons in Singapore. Whether you just started looking for an institution or you’ve already got a few schools in mind, here are some of the reasons why you must pick Swimmax:

They’ve got a complete curriculum

Swimmax can provide jut what you’ll need from Parent and Tot, Junior Programme, Adult Lessons, Customised Classes and more. When it comes to teaching children, Swimmax believes students can learn at a young age of 12 months.

Upon considering swimming lessons in Singapore, you’ll also find how Swimmax can help in encouraging your child’s early development in water skills. Swimming is a survival skill, which is why you’ll need to start your young ones early.

An abundance of classes

In case you can’t make it to your upcoming and earlier scheduled class, it would be helpful to seek for the available lessons which Swimmax has. They’ve got a lot of regular lessons available per type of course within a week.

Upon glancing through their available schedules, the school’s website also has an automatic “Register” button so you may be ready to choose a class which suits you. Among classes which have the theme of “learn to swim in Singapore,” you’ll find how Swimmax can readily show the rates they offer during lessons.

Quality of Swimming Coaches

It would also be a relief to know how Swimmax has professional swimming coaches, who have certifications on Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA) and Singapore Sport Council (SSC). They also have trainings in CPR and Life Saving Skills. This way, you’ll be sure you or your child’s life is safe in the middle of slightly more challenging lessons.

Read up on their testimonials

To know how you’ll also be experiencing the lessons of Swimmax, it would be great to read about their previous clients’ feedback. Some of the customersmentioned how their children learned to be more confident to move in the water.

There were kids who were scared of moving in the poolbut upon considering a couple of swimming lessons in Singapore particularly in Swimmax, they became even more agile in the water.

Look at their FAQs

 Have a couple of questions lined up to ask? Then see if their FAQs portion already hasa couple answers ready for you to consider. Their page includes the ideal age for children to swim, plus the length of time which takes for students to learn specific lessons in an agreed curriculum.

About Swimmax

Swimmax has the Mission to promote Safety especially among parents, children and individuals who would like to learn more about Aquatic Education. It’s also their thrust to ensure students will feel more comfortable about moving around the water.

Their Core Values also include Commitment, Passion and Responsibility. To know more about the school, be sure to speak with their representatives. Initially, you may also check their various lessons and curricula on their website: http://swimmax.sg/. They’re also easily reachable via email or calling, so be sure to book your lessons today.

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