Why Should You Go For Multi-Domain SSL Certificates?


log-on-to-cybersecureasia-singapore-for-ssl-certificate-and-price-packages-availableWhen it comes to the success of any e-commerce website, it totally depends on the way you handle the needs of your customers. When it comes to any user, they want you to protect their sensitive personal data. They want you to provide the highest level of protection for their personal data. If you are unable to provide it, then it would be difficult to survive in the e-commerce field.

Why you need multi-domain SSL certificates?

If you have multiple domains for your website, then it is important to secure all these domains. Leaving few domains aside will make the user question your intention and they might leave the website before giving their personal information. If you run multiple websites, then you must definitely go for multi-domain SSL certificates as it is one way to cut the costs as well. UCC (Unified Communications Certificates) is the SSL certificates that protect all the hostnames and domains within a domain. Besides a primary domain, you will be able to secure 24 extra domain names with the help of this certificate. SSL multi-domain is a must when you have so many domains as it provides SSL certificate authentication for all websites.

UC certificates

Let’s take a look at the features of UC certificates.

  • It works well with shared hosting in Singapore.
  • However, the problem with this is that it will show the certificate and site seal only on the primary domain in the case of shared hosting.
  • But the certificate will list all the secondary domains and hosting accounts.
  • You will be using the Subject Alternate Name (SAN) to get it done.
  • It works well with small businesses, QA testing environments etc.
  • It will be able to protect Outlook, SMTP, OWA etc. in Singapore.

So, there are several benefits when it comes to multi-domain SSL certificates.

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