Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Health Checkup


Check any article concerning health, and two things will always show up: a healthy diet and regular exercise. And that’s very much correct. A diverse diet taken at adequate proportions combined with the appropriate amount of activity is the right road to health. But something is missing. And that’s a doctor’s input.

Before you assume that doctors can only help you when you’re sick, let’s backtrack a little.

Remember as kids, you frequently visited the doctor? Even when you weren’t sick? Many parents adhere to a physical check-up to ensure that their children grow healthy and without complications. However, as we get older, we don’t push through our bi-annual or annual checkups anymore. Perhaps it’s due to being busy, or maybe it’s because of the belief that you don’t need a doctor if you’re healthy. Regardless, everyone should still take up their annual health checkup, and here are some reasons why.

Finds Out if You Are at Risk of a Dangerous Disease

With the world as it is today, we really can’t be too sure. There’s a global pandemic that still affects many countries, and despite vaccines and other protective measures against it, it’s still too early to be sure. And this is the primary reason why you should never skip your annual health checkup. It tells you whether you’re carrying a disease or not.

It doesn’t just tell you whether you have a fatal disease; it can also tell you whether your health might eventually affect your quality of life. Take, for example, your teeth. Your minor tooth pains might be your body’s call for a proper visit with an orthodontist. Or you might not have realized that you’re putting on more weight over the years, and it poses a health and mobility risk for you. There are many things the naked eye can’t see that only professionals can see, and that’s why you should always go for a health check-up.

Points You to the Right Direction

The last point establishes why, but it also leads up to the how. Getting your annual health check-up means you’ll be pointed in the direction that will be best for you. If your doctor finds something wrong, they will most definitely prescribe you to a specific practitioner. As mentioned before, you might need to visit a dentist. Or perhaps you should see a bariatrician.

Having a professional practitioner look at your health and suggest you to a specialist is the proper way to get yourself diagnosed. Googling your symptoms and going to a doctor you think fits the description best is not an ideal way. For one, you’re bound to lose money when you make mistakes. Secondly, only a health professional can take a look at your health and then refer you to a professional. One of the most important things a regular check-up can give you is a referral and one that can most definitely help you.

Creates a Consistent Medical History

Not everyone has a consistent medical record. Often, we shrug off minor illnesses that we feel, especially if we quickly recover from them. In some situations, we take the over-the-counter medicine we have left but fail to make reminders that we took them. This leads to an interesting situation: there’s a gap between medical histories, often with you forgetting how your health was in between.

consistent medical history is necessary when running tests, especially if you’re going for a significant procedure or even minor procedures, like a vaccine shot, a tetanus shot, or a mammogram. It also gives clues to whether genetic diseases run through your family. Or if you’re susceptible to something. Through annual health checkups, you’re forced to account for any health-related decisions you’ve made throughout the year, making your medical record easy to handle.

Teaches You How to Better Take Care of Yourself

Ultimately, the benefit of going to the doctor for your regular check-up is that it teaches you how to better take care of yourself. Doctors aren’t just there for healing the sick; they’re there for keeping people healthy as well. They can tell you how your health is faring and whether you need something specific or not. You’re more aware of your body as a whole, and you know how to take care of it.

To be genuinely healthy, you don’t just need a good diet and exercise. It would help if you had professional input as well. That’s what going to your annual health checkup can give you. So don’t wait for something terrible to happen before you schedule yours.

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