Wooden Phone Cases A Perfect Gift Item


Gifting somebody an elegant smart phone wooden case is a nice thought. Take cover, according to model of phone, personalize it with engrave painting, images, quotes or pictures wrap it and present it. It is a wonderful gift that will last long. To buy this pleasing gift you don’t have to check with shops, you can check phone accessories online and there you can easily find this item too.

This is new and innovative gift that can impress any person having smart phone or iPhone. The best part about this gift is unique; each frame of any model remains different from other because of the use of wood.

wooden phone cases Singapore

What make wooden phone covers an exclusive gift item?

  • Personalization options

There is not just one way, these phone covers can be personalized. The phone cover comes with quotes; you can buy one that already had quotes written on it; or there are options available to have personal quotes too. Similarly, pictures, images and art can be added at the back of the cover. However, in the situation you buy phone cases online; possibility of getting these much options is less.

  • Affordable price

This smart gifting option comes at pocket friendly price. The case cover price start with 5 Dollar and of course there is no limit to end a range.

  • Long lasting

This is truly a long lasting gift. One of the great features of wood is it never get old or second hand. Exposure of iPhone wooden case with oil and grease changes its color and make it more attractive. If you do not like its faded color, just scrub and polish it. The phone is ready to flaunt with new case.

Get wood cell phone case online in Singapore

SVNTY has a large range of smart phone and iPhones cases of different style and pattern. Covers of SVNTY are available in designer marketplaces as well as online shops all over Singapore. You can reach them via email marcus@svnty.net.

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