Worryless quality laundry services at your doorstep


Stains, one of the things that all people dread about. Just like accidents stain does not choose, no matter what you do and where you are, no matter when there will always be a possibility of being stained. Some are removable some need more time than you could ever have.

So what do you do? You spend some time to do the laundry to remove them.

Why worry with laundry services?

Life is more beautiful than worrying about the stain in your clothes and hanging your clothes after laundry and getting rained at when you are not around to bring them in. It’s just a little thing to be frustrated about.

But simple things like that can ruin your day, maybe it’s time you have some Singapore laundry service for a change maybe it will work for you just like most people in Singapore.

laundry services

Its fast, it’s convenient, you don’t have to spend time queuing to laundry shops or wait for your laundry. Heck they would even do pre-wash check for free (the thing that you don’t do because you were too lazy to), Clears stain before clean-up like neck stains (always the hard to clean part) and they would even sew your missing button for free! If that’s not a value for your money then I don’t know what is.

Singapore Laundry service helps you have a piece of mind knowing that your clothes are in good hands.

Laundry service offerings

What does other laundry service have? Some are self-service (you will still do everything), some don’t to pre checks, some don’t clear the stain before clean up (poor quality)and some doesn’t sew your missing button back where it’s supposed to be(poor service).

With 1st Company Laundry, you don’t have to worry about collecting your used clothes and pick up later on, they will deliver your clothes with their door to door service.

If you have an emergency event that you can’t back out on and you need to get them to the laundry but the problem is it’s Friday night and the next day is weekend and there isn’t any open laundry service around, give them a ring you will be pleased to know that they are open 7 days a week so you don’t have to worry about your clothes not being cleaned on time.

When it comes to quality, fast reliable, hassle free and value for money laundry service, trust only 1st Company Laundry and nothing more.

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