Your Weight Loss Buddy helps you lose weight and have fun


A lot of people dream of having a healthy, beautiful body. But at the same time, a lot of people are having a hard time achieving this. It is not easy to get rid of the excess weight when you find eating a much easier task compared to exercise. Then again, this may mean that you need help in shaping that figure of yours. Luckily there is Your Weight Loss Buddy, your ultimate support when it comes to losing weight the fun and easy way.

Your Weight Loss Buddy is a nutrition and fitness club in Singapore. They are a team of like-minded individuals that believes that losing weight does not have to be a hard task. They are surely dedicated to helping others lose weight healthily and effectively.

They have a lot of different nutrition and fitness programs that suit your needs. Rest assured that you will get to find the best way for you to lose weight. Your Weight Loss Buddy provides different programs such as fit club, wellness evaluation, as well as healthy breakfast and weight loss contest.

With Your Weight Loss Buddy’s Fit Club, you get to do sweaty work out together with a large community of target-oriented members. Doing exercises together with others motivates you to do workouts, thus you lose weight more effectively. Wellness Evaluation, on the other hand, helps you learn more about your body’s condition. It will also let you know the best way for you to achieve that healthy body you dreamed of. With Wellness Evaluation, you get to know weight, fat and muscle percentage measurements, your BMI, body age and even your metabolism. All of these things shall be used in order for you to have a fitness plan. Simply put, a wellness evaluation is useful when it comes to setting up goals when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

Lastly, Your Weight Loss Buddy also has a Weight Loss Contest, for those who like to take weight loss to a whole new level. Weight Loss Contest is a competition organized every fortnight. Contestants compete by doing their best to shed weight. The top 5 contestants who have shed the most amount of excess weight are going to take home prizes. It is an exciting contest wherein the members are encouraged and supported by wellness coaches so that they lose weight more effectively.

Your Weight Loss Buddy is a fitness club that is dedicated to supporting its members all the way. They make sure that their clients get the best and long lasting results. You are surely going to achieve a healthy and fit body, but more than that, you get to have a lot of fun.

About Your Weight Loss Buddy
Your Weight Loss Buddy is a nutrition and fitness club that is based in Singapore. They consist of like-minded individuals whose aim is to assist people in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle in the most enjoyable way possible. Their exercise regimen as well as healthy diet suggestions is perfectly made to meet the needs of their client. Now they are among the leading fitness clubs in the region, with 13 different locations all over Singapore. For more information, visit their website:

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