Your Weight Loss Buddy is Your Ultimate Back-up in Losing Weight


Your Weight Loss Buddy is Singapore-based nutrition and fitness club that provides friendly services to help you lose weight. Your Weight Loss Buddy has a goal, and it is to help push their clients to achieve a healthy and fit body by means of fun and effective weight loss programs.

They have various programs like the Weight Loss Contest, the Fit Club, the Indoor Fitness exercises, Nutrition Talks, and a lot more. The Weight Loss Contest is an event they held for those who are willing to take their workout to a whole new level, in a fun and friendly competition: every round, a wellness coach is going to keep an eye on the contestants to keep track of their progress. The top five Best Contestants, those who have shown the greatest progress are rewarded with some prize money, ranging from $50 up to $1000. The Fit Club is formed to persuade communities to engage in sweating it out, with fun exercises activities while persuading each other to workout harder. Lastly, the Indoor Fitness is for people to engage in exercises like Hot Yoga and Zumba dance classes indoors.

Your Weight Loss Buddy also promotes health awareness by means of coming up with corporate events. Among their programs were Wellness Profiles for employees, Weight Management programs and Coaching services. They also provide Fitness and Nutrition workshops and activities for companies. With these programs, not only do they spread the habit of achieving a healthy lifestyle, they also help the overworked employees keep themselves fit.

Not only does Your Weight Loss Buddy focus on helping you work out, they are also keen on assisting you in your diet. They have various diet meal plans that are made according to the type of body the person has. Everything you eat depends on your weight, your current body’s condition, as well as the nutrients that your body needs. Not only that, they also make sure that you get nothing but long term and successful results. They are going to provide you with proper health coaching, Body Fat testing,

Active Body Challenges and Wellness Evaluation so that you get to know your progress.

Your Weight Loss Buddy is a fun, reliable fitness club who makes sure that you get the best results in your workout and diet regimen, in a fun way. With them as your back up, you may want to maintain your lifestyle in a long time; you may also want to persuade your friends to join.

About Your Weight Loss Buddy
Your Weight Loss Buddy is a nutrition and fitness club that is based in Singapore. They consist of like-minded individuals whose aim is to assist people in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle in the most enjoyable way possible. Their exercise regimen as well as healthy diet suggestions is perfectly made to meet the needs of their client. Now they are among the leading fitness clubs in the region, with 13 different locations all over Singapore. For more information, visit their website:

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