Your Weight Loss Buddy teaches you to lose weight healthily


Your Weight Loss Buddy is a nutrition and fitness club that is based in Singapore. They consist of supportive people who are willing to assist you in achieving a healthy and fit body. They have a certain agenda, that is, to make sure that people get to joyfully and healthily lose weight.

They are a nutrition and fitness group whose aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Your Weight Loss Buddy offers a wide variety of programs that are made for clients to effectively lose their weight, and at the same time have fun while doing so. After all, the best way to lose weight is to do so while being happy.

One of their programs is the Fit Club, where you are going to do a total body work-out together with people who also like to achieve a healthy body. The work-out consists of exercises meant to support cardiovascular health, endurance, toning and athletic performance.

Another program is the Weight Loss Contest. This is an event held fortnightly aiming to persuade people to take their work-out to the next level. Clients are competing when it comes to losing weight, and the top five people to achieve a fit body are rewarded with prize money. A personal wellness coach is assigned to make sure the contestants achieve results. Winners are rewarded with $50 to $1000 each round. They also have programs on Healthy Breakfast, as well as Indoor Fitness programs and Nutrition Talks in order to teach people the proper ways to diet and exercise.

Your Weight Loss Buddy is a community which consists of friendly and supportive nutrition and fitness experts. They are ready to guide you throughout your journey to weight loss, and even go so far as to give you proper advice. They are one of the clubs who offer helpful suggestions on healthy breakfast in Singapore. They also do a wellness evaluation test, to let the clients know how far they have gone in achieving a healthy and fit body. Thanks to Your Weight Loss Buddy, clients are going to achieve long term results, successfully gaining the fit and healthy body they truly deserve.

Your weight Loss Buddy is a fun company assisting many friends and families in achieving a healthy and active lifestyle. You are always supported in your goal to lose weight and attain fitness in a proper and balanced way.

About Your Weight Loss Buddy
Your Weight Loss Buddy is a nutrition and fitness club that is based in Singapore. They consist of like-minded individuals whose aim is to assist people in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle in the most enjoyable way possible. Their exercise regimen as well as healthy diet suggestions is perfectly made to meet the needs of their client. Now they are among the leading fitness clubs in the region, with 13 different locations all over Singapore. For more information, visit their website:

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